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Esteem for Acting

Respect for Acting Uta HagenDo you also  love films? Well, who doesn’t. Everybody enjoys great films, great pictures, great film music, great stories – and of course great actors.

I’m not very film-savvy, but I know the difference between great acting talents and not so great ones. I see it and I feel it. I’m also very interested in theater productions – of all kinds, I must say. Maybe in a theater production you can see this difference even more intensified.

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An esteemful personality: Charlie Chaplin

Charlie ChaplinCharlie Chaplin may have been the ultimate cinematic comedian.  In the last three quarters of a century his work lifted the spirits of countless people around the world.

But Chaplin was more than just a clown.   His words were thoughtful and genuine and worth listening to.  He used the medium of film to speak about important human topics.

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Esteem for Sundance Institute

Sundance Institute is a non-profit organization with the goal of discovering independent film and theater artists from the United States and worldwide.

Another important goal of Sundance Institute is to introduce audiences to the work of these independent artists.

Sundance Institute was founded by Robert Redford and a group of his friends in 1981.  Since its modest beginnings Sundance has grown into an internationally recognized resource for thousands of independent artists.

Sundance Institute is a great example for living esteem.  For artists it’s essential to have an outlet for reaching an interested audience.  The Sundance Institute creates this important opportunity and gives esteem.

On the other hand Sundance Institute gets worldwide esteem by being recognized for its efforts.

Esteem for “Sundance in New Mexico”

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and Sundance Institute founder Robert Redford announced last week a new initiative called Sundance in New Mexico.

As a collaboration between Redford, the Department of Cultural Affairs and New Mexico Film Office this new initiative wants to “create and expand upon training programs in film, arts and the environment”.

Richardson said in the announcement: “The Redford and Sundance names are held in high esteem around the globe, and are synonymous in most people’s minds with innovation in the arts, advocacy of the environment, and public policy reflecting both. This is a tremendous opportunity for New Mexico’s Native American and Hispanic filmmakers, and for the state as a whole.”

This initiative is one great way to publicly show esteem toward people, cultures and films as expression of art.

We’re looking forward to seeing the first films created through this initiative.

Learning with esteem

17-year-old Stephen was tired of school and tired of learning.  Nothing in his schooling interested him any longer.  He’d rather spend his time watching classic Hollywood films.  In fact, Stephen is a huge movie buff and his knowledge of films is impressive.

One day his English teacher announced a project for the class.  Stephen was barely paying attention until he heard the word “film”.  The project is to be a student film about the life of Edgar Allan Poe.  Stephen asks his teacher if he can be the director.  A quick discussion between Stephen, the other students and their teacher reveals the depth of Stephen’s knowledge about film and he’s unanimously voted to be the director.

During the project Stephen develops an incredible energy.  He learns everything he needs to know about making a film.  He reads also a lot about Edgar Allan Poe – who otherwise wouldn’t have been interesting for him.  He is fascinated by his poetry and learns easily about the poets life.  Seeing this his self-esteem grows. 

Thanks to Stephen’s efforts the project is a great success.  Everybody congratulates him and encourages him to go further on this way toward becoming a film-maker.  His enthusiasm for learning is refueled by the esteem he gets.  He now knows what he wants and finds joy in learning again.

X-Files’ positive reinforcement

Kathy Green suffers from a neurological disorder which forces her to spend her days in bed.  I’ve heard of many stories of miraculous cures but I can honestly say this is one of the most unique.  Ever since Kathy saw “The X-Files” she got back the enjoyment of life and the will to walk again.

Her strength came back when she watched Gillian Anderson in the role of Scully.  She got encouragement from the dynamic character: “Just looking at her and seeing how she handled herself just made me feel normal again”.  This experience helped her to come out of a debilitating depression.

A film or series can give people positive reinforcement and enable them to live their own life with renewed optimism.

Films with strong characters and positive messages can serve as an inspiring example and give encouraging esteem to people.


Johnny Depp and Tim Burton, actor and director as winning team


Is it the director who brings out the best in the actor or vice versa? I’d say good combinations of actors and directors are always winning teams.  What does a winning team mean in the sense of esteem? It means giving and getting esteem mutually.

When asked about the unusual circumstance of Johnny playing a homicidal singing barber in their latest collaboration “Sweeny Todd”, Burton said “When Johnny said he thought he could do it, that was good enough for me.”

If this kind of mutual esteem works between actor and director then not only both feel good , but also makes for a great film.