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Esteem for Madrid

Rick Steves Spain 2017Some cities undergo a massive construction boom in the form of urban renovation projects.

Madrid in Spain is one of these cities.  Recently, after more than five years of construction in this beautiful city, planners were able to declare the projects complete. The renovation project included rerouting traffic underground so that the city’s center was opened for pedestrians.

With its renewed appearance Madrid gives esteem towards its citizens and tourists.  On the other hand, the city receives esteem from the people who enjoy the beautiful plazas, facades and a great open atmosphere.

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Tourism creating mutual esteem

Since 1980 the United Nations has celebrated World Tourism Day.  Celebrated annually on September 27, the event is designed to foster awareness of tourism’s social, cultural, political and economic values.

All of us are a tourists the moment we go out of town.  As a tourist we expect hospitality and friendliness.  At the same, the places we visit hope for open and polite tourists.

Tourism only works for both sides when there is mutual esteem.  The slogan for this year’s World Tourism Day “Celebrating Diversity” expresses the mutual esteem we can create as a tourist and as a host.


An esteemful personality: Dalai Lama

Last week the Dalai Lama visited Albany, NY sharing his simple message of tolerance, peace and happiness.

With his honest friendliness toward everyone who approaches him he demonstrates esteem in a deep and humble manner.

Dalai Lama is the renowned spiritual guide to devotees and Buddhists all over the world.  Despite his notoriety he says about himself: “I consider myself just a human being, one of 6 billion human beings. All 6 billion people are the same family. Everyone wants a happy life.”

It could be said that Dalai Lama personifies esteem.  Such an esteemful personality can be an example for us all.


Esteem for nurses

The nursing profession has much to offer those who pursue it as a career.   Often it’s just the satisfaction of helping and serving in a position vital to a community.

The demands of the job are many and varied.  Patience, understanding, calmness, friendliness and not the least of all, extensive medical knowledge.

Often patients fail to give esteem toward nurses and their precious work because they are distracted by pain, fear and maybe even money concerns.

This lack of acknowledgement can create difficult moments for nurses.  Many nurses who leave the field cite this lack of esteem as a primary reason.

Having uplifting work, and the esteem of those whom they serve is a recipe for building strong self-esteem and ultimately happiness.


Esteem isn’t resentful

There are many situations in life that can cause emotional hurt.   The reasons can be numerous but it doesn’t necessarily have to be malevolence on the part of the person causing injury.

When we carry esteem in our heart we have the calmness to understand that the reason is most often misunderstanding.  We can give esteem toward others even after they’ve offended us because esteem isn’t resentful at all.

Esteem makes us patient and insightful.  Esteem also gives us self-understanding which means that we know how easily goodwill can be misunderstood.

Esteem holds nothing over anybody.  When we understand our fellow men we can’t be resentful.  Esteem wants to be given in any case, because behind even the seemingly negative action is always a personality, precious and worthy of esteem.  Even in the face of malevolence esteem wants to be given because esteem sees the good side of everyone.

With esteem we never keep a record of wrongs, therefore we create an atmosphere of friendliness – the best basis to do good.


Esteem for nurses

After a climbing accident 20-year-old Sam Wilkinson arrived at the hospital in a coma.  Thanks to the help of staff nurse Carla Smith he survived.

As a way of saying thanks Sam’s father, a Tucano aircraft pilot, took her on a flight over the Vale of York.  By his act of gratitude, he demonstrated his esteem for her work.

The work of nurses often goes unnoticed in the background.  But at the same time their work saves numerous lives.

There are three ways to show esteem toward nurses.  First we can express our appreciation personally while in their care.  We can also acknowledge their work by expressing friendliness and thankfulness for helping somebody we know.  And finally we can give esteem toward nurses by saying how precious their work is and how much we appreciate what they’re doing when we meet them privately.

Giving esteem toward persons who help us is one of the easiest way to start integrating esteem in our life.


Esteem and learning aptitude

Integrating esteem in our daily life arouses habits within us which embrace social awareness, personal curiosity and open friendliness.  These are the ingredients we use for daily learning.

There is no moment in life when we stop learning because everything, even the seemingly smallest experience can be a learning experience.

Learning is as essential for our life as breathing.  With every breath we take air from the outside, change it inside us and give it back to the outside air.  Learning happens the same way.  We take an experience, change it inside us and give it back to life.

Sometimes we learn on purpose – such as children do in schools.  Sometimes learning is subtle because it happens unconsciously.  However it happens, it’s an important part of life.

When we integrate esteem in our life we become more aware of people and situations because we are open and well-intentioned.  Esteem also makes us curious because life has so many great opportunities.  Finally esteem pushes us toward learning because we realize that life doesn’t stand still.

We always move forwards thanks to continuous learning.  Each step we take in life is borne by new learning experiences moving us toward the person we are meant to be.  Learning happens like esteem. It can’t be just for us as a personal act.  It’s always receiving and giving, just as esteem happens.

Esteem and friendliness

We can’t hide friendliness because it draws a very public sign on our face: smiles.

When we think about friendliness we realize its deepness.  True friendliness means that we give toward our fellow men esteem without expecting that we get esteem back.

Friendliness comes out of genuine esteem.  True esteem is given for free and abundantly.  We will be able to live friendliness in our daily life when we give friendliness to ourselves.

A Chinese proverb is expressing this wonderfully:  “When I carry a green branch in my heart, a songbird will alight on it.”

Esteem and friendliness

We all love to experience friendliness wherever we are.  Friendliness means that we get attention, openness and kindness. 

In our recent travels, we’re constantly reminded of the importance of friendliness.  At one hotel we visited, we asked the desk clerk for a restaurant recommendation.  She was very happy to oblige and gave us detailed directions to some favorite places.  At another hotel, in another city, when we asked the same question of our clerk she simply shrugged her shoulders and said there was “some place” across the street.

Needless to say, one hotel left us with a positive feeling and the other with a not-so-positive impression.  When another person is friendly toward us it makes us feel good.  What are the signs of friendliness?  The person is smiling, helpful and speaking with kindness.

Esteem is connected to friendliness.  You can’t express esteem toward another person without being friendly.  Esteem and friendliness are like sunhsine and warmth.

Esteem and friendship

Sometimes it might be confusing to think about the question “How we can make esteem a part of our daily lives”. 

When I’ve given presentations people asked me if living esteem means that they should make friends with everybody.

I tell them that for sure it’s impossible to be friends with everybody.  Life experience tells us that sometimes we don’t get along with certain people, often without knowing the reason.

We can’t be friends with everybody and esteem doesn’t require that.  You can give esteem toward everybody without necessarily creating a friendship at the same time.  Esteem means friendliness – not friendship – even when friendship could grow through a moment of esteem.

We can give esteem toward everybody in each life situation even when some people are offensive or just unfriendly.  Our esteem shows them in these moments that each person is precious independently of their momentary mood or general feelings.

Esteem is directed by keeping an attitude of friendliness.