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An esteemful personality: Charlie Chaplin

Charlie ChaplinCharlie Chaplin may have been the ultimate cinematic comedian.  In the last three quarters of a century his work lifted the spirits of countless people around the world.

But Chaplin was more than just a clown.   His words were thoughtful and genuine and worth listening to.  He used the medium of film to speak about important human topics.

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Esteem’s language is kindness

Mark Twain once said:  “Kindness is the language, which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”  Kindness is the language of esteem which can be understood by everyone.  People don’t need to see or hear it, it flows directly from heart to heart.

Kindness is more than just being friendly toward other people.  Kindness filled with esteem is a spontaneous expression of warm-heartedness and generosity.

Genuine kindness is poured out of an honest attitude and an open heart.  This means kindness will be perceived as such when it’s a sincere expression of esteem.

When we don’t know how to put esteem in words we can think of how we can express kindness and – we’ll speak the language of esteem.

Does your inner voice speak endlessly?

“Don’t say inside, what you cannot say outside.”  This quote could sum up the way we think about how our self-esteem expresses itself.

How are you speaking with your inner voice about yourself?  We’re not talking about the soliloquies.  We’re talking about the little inner comments we make about everything we do or say.  Our attitude toward ourselves is reflected in our self-talk.  Attitude toward ourselves is just another word for self-esteem.

We are normally polite toward others, and we smile and encourage others when they fail.

But how polite are we toward ourselves?  Do we encourage us when we failed?

Our inner voice speaks almost endlessly.  What we have to be aware of are all the harmful words.  Negative self-talk isn’t constructive.  Our self-esteem needs genuine self-appreciation when we do something good and constructive criticism when we make mistakes.

Self-talk only seems to be hidden within us.  In fact it’s visible to everyone through our self-esteem.

Esteem in “Cheers!”

When we think of  signs of esteem which we can give daily we think often of a simple smile.  But there are other little signs of esteem which we can give daily.

One of them is clinking glasses and saying “cheers” when we have a drink with somebody to whom we want to express esteem.

Most often we say “cheers” for special moments such as birthdays.  When we consider the deep meaning of it we can use it daily just to express our genuine esteem.

“Cheers” means “Thank you” but in other languages takes on such meanings as: “To good health”  “Good luck” and “All the best”.

Consider these meanings of “Cheers” the next time you have a drink with somebody.