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Never be afraid of change

Personal Change 7 habitsChange is the only constant in life.  Knowing this life wisdom we can be accepting and even happy toward each change we undertake in our life. It’s the subtle changes we make in our life, rather than the big changes that I’m referring to.

What does change mean to you?  Through change we develop understanding of ourselves by going through various life moments.  We learn from our mistakes and we address them as we see fit.

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Make your list of important things in your life

It’s the time of the year when people start to make lists of resolutions for the coming year.  This year, I’ve decided to try something different.  I’ve made a list of the things that are important to me in life.

If you had to make a list of the most important things in your life, what would be on it? 

You’ll find out how important things are when you make your list and then imagine that you don’t have them. 

Two of the items on my list are Good Health and of course, Esteem.

Health is one of the most important things for all of us.  You may not think of it as long as you’re feeling great,  but when health is absent then you only think of getting healthy again.

Esteem is another life theme which is essential for a happy life.  When you don’t get esteem you feel unhappy.  When esteem is part of your life you’re balanced and self-confident.

This year, maybe you can make your own list of important things in your life. 

What makes us happy?

When you think about the question, “What makes me happy?”, you’ll probably come up with a few answers.

We might have material reasons to be happy such as having enough money.  Or you might have emotional reasons such as being loved.

In each case ask yourself why you think it makes you happy.  Take for example having enough money.  You’ll might answer that it brings you attention and respect.

Most of the time we’ll get the answer: when we get esteem for what we are and for what we are doing, then we’re happy.

What makes us happy?  Knowing for ourselves that we are precious and that we get esteem for that.