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Esteem for History

World History Adam Brown

Just because history lies deep in the past doesn’t mean it should be forgotten.  The history of our country and our heritage is a great example.

One esteemful approach is respect toward our ancestors and their work.  One doesn’t have to look far to find great examples of thought and action.

Another esteemful approach is to learn of the mistakes of history in order to not repeat them.

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Saving Pompeii

TPompeii Marisa Ranieri Panettahe Italian government once made a declaration to save the Roman city of Pompeii.  2.6 million tourists visit this fascinating place of history each year.

Representatives were discussing if the restorations are necessary.  The historical meaning of Pompeii is obvious, but the modern damage made by people, time and air pollution is evident too.

Pompeii keeps an important moment of Roman history awake.  Esteem toward the history of a country requires us to take care of the historical places.

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Esteem for Orvieto in Italy

Why should a small town like Orvieto, Italy get public esteem?

Orvieto is a beautiful old town in Umbria, Italy with roots going back to the Etruscan culture in 900 BC.  Anyone who is interested in the ancient culture of the Etruscans with their society of esteem knows of the importance of Orvieto for the Etruscans.

On the other hand Orvieto also has the tradition of awarding the Orvieto International Human Rights Prize annually to a person who has distinguished himself in defending human rights worldwide.

This year the recognition was awarded to Swiss lawyer Carla Del Ponte for her fight against crimes against humanity as the chief prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunal in The Hague, Netherlands.

It’s natural to give esteem toward a town such as Orvieto for having such an illustrious history and for being a champion for human rights.


Esteem for National Geographic Bee winner Eric Yang

Eric Yang, 13, from The Colony, TX is the nation’s top geography whiz of 2009.  Each year the National Geographic Bee in Washington honors one young winning student with a $25,000 scholarship.

Eric’s mother proudly explained her son’s success: “Curiosity is a major part of Eric.  He reads everything from history books to cookbooks to learn about other places and cultures”.

Eric’s curiosity leads him toward esteem for other cultures.  National Geographic gives him esteem for his studiousness by encouraging him to learn more about other cultures.

Knowledge and understanding are the most important basis for worldwide mutual esteem.