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Esteem for Vincent van Gogh through Don McLean

Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh bequeathed to us his numerous paintings through which we still give esteem toward him and his art.

We found an impressive video which combines, in a very understanding way, the song Starry starry night with van Gogh’s paintings.

Viewing his paintings set to this powerful song creates a deeper connection to Vincent van Gogh.  The person who created it obviously put a lot of thought and effort into this videdo.  It’s an excellent way to express esteem toward this extraordinary artist.

At the same time we give esteem to Don McLean, with his open-hearted and honest approach toward van Gogh.


Esteem makes people feel important

We may start our day with the honest thought of giving esteem as often as possible.  But sometimes it’s difficult to achieve because people are ill-tempered or because the situation isn’t right.

There is a little tip for making it easier to give esteem freely.  Picture the people you meet with a sign on their forehead that says: “Make me feel important”.

Giving esteem has exactly this effect on the people receiving it:  they feel important and precious.  It may sound strange but just noticing people gives them the impression that they’re important.  How much better is a smile or an acknowledging word! 

The contrary is true as well: everybody who is ignored feels himself unimportant.

The next time you have a hard time giving esteem just imagine this little forehead sign and it will help you to give them a sign of esteem.

Self-esteem as an instrument of power?

At first glance it might be easier to determine what kind of self-esteem others have than to recognize our own self-esteem.  People may even speak about the self-esteem of others as an instrument of power.

In fact nobody can see everything inside another person.  We can’t make judgements about somebody else’s self-esteem.  This should make us cautious when we hear people speaking about others.

On the other hand we can experience an increase on our own self-esteem when we offer positive words about other people and their self-esteem freely and honestly.  Speaking well of others with empathy makes our self-esteem grow.