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Esteem is all about our heart

French author and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupery once said:  “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

We often hear words of esteem and see actions of esteem but may have doubt about the honesty behind them.

This is the moment where our heart is speaking to us.  Our heart feels the motivation behind nice words.

We can smile at a person in order to express esteem while truly we’re distracted by own worrying thoughts.  We can be sure that the person’s heart sees rightly, meaning the person feels if the gesture of esteem is genuine or not.

The more we trust our heart the more it can speak to us and help us see rightly.


Spirit of esteem for Father’s Day

Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, for most of us it’s time to look frantically for an appropriate gift.

Why do we do that? 

Because it’s socially expected to express esteem on “official” days.  This means that the family members, mothers and fathers expect a gesture of esteem. On the other hand they also expected to give esteem.  As a society we mutually consent to this pressure for certain days of the year.

Knowing the meaning of esteem we realize that it’s not one special day we’re obligated to give esteem.   Esteem is never forced by occasion.

Each day we give esteem big-heartedly and with deeply honest feelings of gratitude and love. 

This is the spirit of esteem for today’s Father’s Day and all the upcoming other days.

Which is the best job in the world?

The media is filled with articles about Ben Southall who won a competition called the “best job in the world”.

According to the competition, there is only one “best job in the world”.   The job in question consists of living on the tropical Hamilton Island for six months and writing a daily blog to promote the area.

There are some who might argue with the notion that a south-seas blogging gig is the best job in the world.  If you love what you’re doing and get esteem for your work, then you already have the best job in the world.

As many people as there are with as many talents and interests there is no job in the world which could be called the best in general.   While some people might consider an island a paradise, others might consider it as boring.

The best job in the world is always the one each of us loves to do the most with strong enthusiasm and honest esteem.

Esteem hopes all things

It’s an old saying that “hope never dies”.  When we imagine how life would be without hope we realize it’s importance.

Hope looks toward the future.  It gives us the strength to start each day with joy and positive thoughts.

By living esteem in our daily life we also show our hope.  Esteem makes us hope that things will get better.  It makes us hope the best of other persons.  Without hope we can’t give esteem honestly.

Hope and esteem is best pictured in a parent’s enduring hope and esteem for their children.

When we acknowledge the people in our life we express our strong hope in their personality.  It takes a lot to destroy our hope and our esteem toward them.

Esteem always hopes because with esteem we’re capable of seeing the best in others.


Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day

We can give esteem without any outer reason on any day in the year.  We also can give esteem on special days such as the Valentine’s Day.

It is not a coincidence that Valentine’s Day is celebrated in spring, the time of new beginnings.

When we show our appreciation toward love ones on Valentine’s Day we create good feelings, gratefulness and happiness in ourselves and others.  It’s like a new beginning.  We can do that as well each day with esteemful actions.

By giving esteem we give honest appreciation and deep compassion creating encouraging new beginnings for both, the esteem giver and esteem receiver.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  We can make it the first day for numerous new beginnings filled with esteem.


Esteem and keeping a promise

One of the most obvious signs of integrity is keeping a promise. 

Laziness or opportunism can lead us to break a promise.  Both reasons are far away from a life full of esteem.  Esteem toward other people prevents us most often from breaking our promises.

Esteem means that we consider our fellow men as precious and worthy of our full attention.  With this attitude we don’t put ourselves in the situation of breaking a promise because we make our promises very considerately.  If there is a life situation forcing us to break a promise, honest communication can help us to explain our reasons and to therefore keep our integrity. 

The connecting link between esteem and keeping a promise is honest communication. 

Communication based on esteem looks at our fellow man with an attentive eye.  We communicate carefully with regard to the feelings of the others and with regard to ourselves.  Our inner communication based on our self-esteem supports us in realizing the background of others and of ourselves.

Keeping a promise is a very unselfish behavior which goes together with esteem.

Esteem and authenticity

Sometimes there are moments in life when we are tempted to do or say something against our will.  We might do this simply for the sake of peace or harmony.

Most often we realize later that this kind of peace and harmony was just temporary.  It didn’t have an honest basis.

Authenticity means being ourselves.  At the moment we say and act the same it’s because in our deepest conviction we show integrity.

As we wrote some months ago we feel immediately if somebody acts with integrity.  We feel the honesty without doubt.

Integrity is just another word for authenticity.  People who are authentic can give the most honest esteem.  They are believable and they can make the most convincing difference.  When we want to integrate esteem in our life we are on the way to learning and internalizing authenticity.  It makes our esteem toward others honest and forceful.

Esteem and honesty

Everybody has at some point in their life learned that honesty always works out.  Esteem is strongly connected with honesty.

When we are honest toward our fellow man we give the impression of being reliable.  This feeling is important for being trusted because then we can speak without having to prove that our words are true.

We want to include esteem in our lives.  For that it’s essential that we are honest.  Esteem needs reliability to be genuine. 

Living esteem daily means therefore that honesty is one of our habits.  Only when we show that we are honest can our fellow men trust our esteem toward them.

Esteem and criticism

You might think that giving esteem toward other people means that you can’t express your critical thoughts or your opinion about the person or an action.

Genuine esteem is always expressed with truth and honesty and at the same time with understanding and patience.

Criticism itself can be expressed in two ways.  One is negative and therefore destructive, it doesn’t show understanding and can’t inspire.  The other way is positive and constructive, it helps in recognizing foibles and strengths in a supporting and growing way.

Esteem uses positive criticism knowing that each person wants to grow and to develop himself.  We all want to be better in what we like to do.  Positive criticism helps us in our development by giving ourselves or by getting it through other people with genuine esteem.