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Esteem for History

World History Adam Brown

Just because history lies deep in the past doesn’t mean it should be forgotten.  The history of our country and our heritage is a great example.

One esteemful approach is respect toward our ancestors and their work.  One doesn’t have to look far to find great examples of thought and action.

Another esteemful approach is to learn of the mistakes of history in order to not repeat them.

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Esteem for scientists

Few scientists are in the public spotlight.  Most of them toil on in research labs around the world.  For the few, however, a single moment of discovery can turn out to be life-changing.

We only learn about their precious work when they report a new breakthrough or the achievement of an important goal.  Sometimes those achievements are huge and have worldwide effect, like the curing of a major disease.  Other times the discovery is smaller, but still has a huge impact.

The recent report of a team of biologists and entomologists at Penn State University is one of these “small but big” discoveries.  They found that Malaria transmitting mosquitoes are most often older insects.  So the scientists developed a pesticide that only attacks older mosquitoes.

This is one of the moments when the public can give esteem toward scientists and encourage them to research further for the benefit of health and humanity.


Esteem for an NFL football coach

Whenever you read something about NFL football coaches it’s most often all about their win/loss record or the mistakes they’ve make.

For some, the spotlight never shines brighter than when their career comes to an end.

Tony Dungy, head coach in NFL for 13 seasons, 6 in Tampa Bay and 7 in Indianapolis, is currently in the latter spotlight.

On Monday, Dungy retired his position as head coach of the Colts.   He will be remembered by fans as a successful leader on the field,  but also by those who know him for his devotion to family and faith.

“Simply, his NFL legacy will be that he won football games the right way. He won them while maintaining his humanity,” Bob Kravitz writes in the Indianapolis Star.

Coaches like Dungy receive esteem not just for their career as a coach, but for the way they represent themselves in life.


Esteem and human nature

Human nature embraces attitudes and traits which are shared by every human being.

Human nature belongs to the basis of being a human.  It’s the ground on which we develop our own unique personality which makes us different from others.

Esteem belongs to human nature, we share esteem with everybody.  The first moves we make as human beings is being pulled toward love and acknowledgment.

As babies we have the need to be loved.  Watching the behavior of babies we see that they give love back when they receive love.

We can exchange the word “love” with the word “esteem” – both mean unprejudiced acknowledgment.  “Unprejudiced” means that we don’t have to do anything to earn esteem.  A baby just gets esteem for being here.

Only when human beings don’t get esteem they develop the rule of “only the stronger are worthy of esteem”.

Esteem is deeply connected to humanity.  Each element of humanity starts and ends with esteem.


Art of movement

In 1992 seven young French friends came together to create a new form of art.  They called it “L’art du déplacement” or “Art of movement”.

They explained their idea with these words: “L’art du déplacement means to come back to the essential roots of mankind: the essential movement elements are to run, climb and jump.”

The expression of their art form was to move through landscapes as graceful and dynamical as possible.

This art form was new and unusual and getting started was difficult.  When they received more and more esteem they opened their idea to the world, bringing people together by saying that “color, weight and morphology don’t make a difference”.

Each new idea has to go through steps of incomprehension and rejection before it gets esteem for being a unique expression of art.  The richness of our world is made of all kinds of art.

A true blessing for a community

For the past ten years the Hindu population of Staten Island had to wait for their own place to practice their religion.  They worshiped in private homes and meeting halls.

The waiting finally came to an end this weekend.  Hundreds of Hindu families filled the new temple building with their prayers and chants.

The formal consecration lasted three days and ended on Sunday.  For the Hindu people these days were a true blessing for their community.

For many, religion is an important part of helping to find the deep truth of peaceful life and esteeming humanity.

Religion needs its place in time and space where people can come together and worship their faith.  The Hindu community in Staten Island finally got this great opportunity!


The language of esteem

About 6912 languages are listed as actually used languages on the world.  Isn’t it fascinating how many different languages exist?  Even in the presence of such diversity esteem can be understood by everybody.

On one side I’d say that esteem works speechless through feelings:  esteem can be shown by a simple smile or a little act of friendliness and regard.  At the other side esteem can be expressed by speaking about it in order to understand it intellectually.

Esteem is a matter of our humanity in that esteem is genuinely free of languages, borders and cultures.  Esteem is deeply expressed and understood by our being human.