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Esteem for Hungarian cuisine

Culinaria Hungary Aniko GergelyI know Hungary quite well. My parents came from Hungary and I lived there myself for one year. During that year I got to love the Hungarians, their traditions, the natural beauty of the country and the Hungarian cuisine even more than I did before this visit.

It is very easy for me to give esteem toward the country my parents came from and that’s very close to my heart.

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Esteem for a Hungarian thoroughbred

Hungary is feeling the downside of the current economic situation more than a lot of other countries.

Hungarians were hungry for a miracle, for something positive.

The miracle appeared in the form of a thoroughbred called Overdose.  This astonishing racing horse came out of nowhere and has become a national hero by winning 12 races in a row.

Overdose represents the Hungarians’ feelings of being undervalued and underestimated.  This champion horse, purchased for a bargain price in Great Britain, has risen to the top of the racing world.

Overdose gives Hungary its hope and optimism back by turning underestimation into deserved esteem.


Festival of the Trypillian civilization

I admit that until now I hadn’t heard of the Trypillian civilization.  Thanks to an annual festival of the Trypillian culture I know now that settlements of this ancient culture were found in parts of Ukraine, Moldova and Hungary.  The Trypillian culture existed between 5,400 and 2,800 B.C.

We all have ancestors and we all give esteem toward their culture and traditions, many of which we still express in our life.

The Ukrainian people show this esteem toward their heritage by celebrating this festival of the Trypillian culture.

Last weekend the festival took place in the small Ukrainian town named Rzhyschev.  Visitors could see and experience Trypillian lifestyle and entertainment.  They also could weave linen and make clay pots themselves.

The great success of this annual festival shows the importance and esteem toward the Ukrainian origin and ancient cultures.


Do you have a long working day?

How many hours do you work daily, weekly or per year?  Does your work time seem to you as being too long and do you have the feeling that life is flowing away while you go to work?  So many people have this impression, you are not alone.

There are big differences among countries when you examine the length of average work day.  The list, created by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD, ranks the world’s hardest-working countries.  Going through this list and seeing where your own country falls,  perhaps you have to reassess your own work situation.

For this actual ranking the OECD compared different countries by counting the working hours per year, how long the legally allowed vacations are and the number of self-employed workers.

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