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Self-esteem and stillness

Eckart Tolle Stillness speaksPeople can speak nonstop for hours – with themselves.  They speak with themselves even when they are working, engaged in athletics or just playing around.  There is almost no moment without this inner monologue.

Sometimes they become aware of their inner voice and listen to its endless stream of words.  Most often though they unconsciously turn daily problems over and over in their mind.

Are these inner monologues known to you?

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Self-esteem and self-honesty

We can easily come up with a range of excuses for our actions.  The same can be said for words or feelings as well as for potentially bad situations we want to avoid.  At first view it seems to be the easiest way to excuse ourselves.  

But this is a path which leads away from self-honesty and consequentially from self-esteem.

After a while we feel deeply uncomfortable.  It’s the inner voice of our self-esteem telling us that we lost the connection to our core.

Along with self-esteem, self-honesty is a deeply human attitude.  We can destroy them both by giving responsibility for our actions to outer situations or persons.  When we take the responsibility for our life we encourage self-esteem as well as self-honesty.

Next time you feel tempted to make excuses to avoid responsibility, take pause for a moment.  Your self-esteem will tell you unequivocally that self-honesty is the better way.

Esteem never stops

We connect esteem strongly with understanding, open-mindedness and most of all trust.  These traits motivate esteem to go on without stopping.  Esteem can’t stop by default.  There is no possible reason for esteem to stop ever.  On the contrary, esteem is the one attitude which continues on against all doubt.

Esteem comes from a higher level because it’s based on genuine interest for our fellow men.  Genuine esteem makes us trustful and broad-minded giving others another chance again and again.

Esteem aims at people’s most inner core, the place where we are truly ourselves, where no outer judgment can touch us.  Esteem reaches us exactly there.  Esteem isn’t given because we did something for it.  We get esteem because we deserve it just by being here and now.

Realizing this truth of esteem allows us to see that there will be never a moment that causes esteem to stop.  Esteem never stops.