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Esteem for museum employees

Visiting the outstanding museums in Washington D.C. we witnessed how patient and friendly Smithsonian museum employees are toward visitors. 

To work in a museum is an inconspicuous service job.  Most visitors hardly notice they are there until they need something.

But without these workers it wouldn’t be possible to enjoy a museum as calmly and securely as we do.

Museum employees deserve esteem for their work and dedication.  They help us with directions and information about the exhibition.  We can thank them with words and a smile. 

We can express our esteem toward their presence and work with a friendly greeting.

Esteem for your job

It may sound strange to say that we give esteem toward our own job.  In fact it’s a great thing to do if for no other reason than for our own self-confidence.

First of all it doesn’t matter how much you like your job.  You can still find many reasons to offer esteem for the product or service you provide. 

Of course, it’s always best if you can love your job.  In this case it’s even easier to give esteem because you perceive the preciousness of your work.

In any case, giving esteem toward your job creates this feeling of preciousness.  We can test this feeling by picturing how it would be for us to not have our job anymore.  What would we miss?  What are the good moments we like?

When we’re able to give esteem toward our job it will radiate a feeling of contentment for ourselves and those around us.  This esteem could eventually bring us closer to our job, motivate us to do our work better and to have more joy in doing it.

Which is the best job in the world?

The media is filled with articles about Ben Southall who won a competition called the “best job in the world”.

According to the competition, there is only one “best job in the world”.   The job in question consists of living on the tropical Hamilton Island for six months and writing a daily blog to promote the area.

There are some who might argue with the notion that a south-seas blogging gig is the best job in the world.  If you love what you’re doing and get esteem for your work, then you already have the best job in the world.

As many people as there are with as many talents and interests there is no job in the world which could be called the best in general.   While some people might consider an island a paradise, others might consider it as boring.

The best job in the world is always the one each of us loves to do the most with strong enthusiasm and honest esteem.

Esteem as “help for self-help”

There is always hope even in hard economic times.  The challenge is how we handle these times.  We can give up and wait for outside help or we can take our fortune in our hands and move forward.

The State of Michigan’s “No Worker Left Behind” program encourages the latter option by supporting people who are willing to make a change in their lives.

Being jobless doesn’t mean that there’s no option other than to cross one’s arms and to wait for financial help from somewhere.

Through NWLB Michigan residents can attend a community college tuition-free in order to upgrade their skills so they can move into emerging industries such as renewable energy.  Being jobless doesn’t have to mean hopelessness.  It means a chance for a new beginning, for an exciting life change.

Persons who attend NWLB get esteem for not-giving-up in difficult times, for their openness toward a new career and for their working abilities.

Assistance that supports a person’s own initiative as “help for self-help” works with esteem – and this is the best motivator toward important changes in life.


Esteem for inconspicuous workers

We encounter “inconspicuous” work all the time.  We often use these daily services without being aware how they facilitate our life.

For example, we take for granted the work of mailmen or sanitation workers.  Often we don’t see them, only the result of their daily work.

Their work is inconspicuous but nevertheless important.  We couldn’t have a normal life without them.

Giving esteem to these people may require more effort to express it.  We need to meet them to give our esteem to them.

Some people have the tradition of giving a small Christmas gift in appreciation of their work.  This is an important step toward a more broadly given esteem throughout the year.  Whenever we have the opportunity to do it we should grab the chance to express our esteem toward those inconspicuous workers by acknowledging their important work.


Do you like your job?

Many people chose their job because of the money they can make or because of necessity – they urgently needed a job.

How happy are you in your job?  Is it the work you really love to do?  Do you consider your job as a passion, as a vocation? 

If you answered yes to these questions then you belong with the people who realize their abilities in the right job. 

You get esteem for your work.  You develop a strong self-esteem.  You are a the right place doing the right things and you easily achieve high goals because you love to do what you do.

Everybody should be in this position.  It would be great for every single person to realize their life goals.  It would also be great for the economy because everyone would deliver a high level of performance in his or her job.

Do you like your job?

Esteem everywhere and always

Can you think of a place or time in life where esteem has no empowerment?   Each moment and each situation of life is a opportunity for esteem to be expressed.

You may think of your family life, of your job, of your leisure time.  You can decide each moment of your own life if you live it with esteem or without it.  Living your life with esteem everywhere and always makes you fulfilled and the people around you getting your esteem.

Start to integrate esteem in your daily life today.  The first step can be a simple smile for everybody because smiling is one of the basic expressions of esteem.

Which job do you consider as worst?

At one time all of us have said: “Thank goodness I don’t have to do that job!”

When I was making presentations and speaking about what would happen if our society would be founded on esteem I told the audience that everybody can realize his dream job because everybody gets esteem for doing it.  People were always raising the issue of these “bad” jobs.   They routinely said that if you can freely choose your job nobody would ever choose “blank” – and then they named one job they considered as worst.  Almost always somebody else in the audience would respond by saying they don’t think that job was so bad – “but this job is really bad”.

In my mind there is no ultimate worst job, it’s only the individual who makes it seems to be worst.  If a certain job gets no esteem from society then nobody wants to do it. When a job gets no esteem the worker doing it doesn’t get esteem.   Do you know some examples?

There is a list of the worst jobs in science 2007, which I’m sure will be followed by “the worst jobs 2008”.  Take a look at this list and think about how much esteem the workers get for doing it.

I found one comment on worst job number 9 which demonstrates how we look at the job with or without esteem changes it’s attractiveness.  A forensic entomologist said about his job: “This is what I want to do. This is just way too cool.”

Personally, I wouldn’t do this job but I’m happy and thankful that somebody can do it.  I give my esteem to forensic entomologists and all the others on the list.

As everybody finds his place for contributing his ability for work and getting esteem for it – society can function perfectly.  What do you think?

Meteorologists get less esteem?

This is a quite interesting question. I would like to ask this to everybody: is your profession esteemed highly or not?

Let’s take for example the profession of the weather forecaster or meteorologists. Is this profession highly esteemed in our society? I think many people would say no, because if they get the weather forecast right nobody remembers it.  If they get the forecast wrong nobody forgets it.

We can be happy that there are still some people making this job, in spite of it’s low esteem, because the world and the society would be poorer without it.