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Esteem means enjoyment of life

Enjoyment of life joie de vivreWe admire people who radiate enjoyment of life.

They seem to have no problems, to always be happy.

Enjoyment of life can still be there when life isn’t easy.  It’s the inner motor that pushes us to progress and develop.

It’s natural that we progress in all kinds of life situations.

With enjoyment of life we just make our development easier.

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Celebrated esteem

When I think about the connection between esteem and celebrations I see the joyful side of life. 

It’s better to be joyful when you express esteem because esteem means celebrating life.  There are enough solemn moments in our life.  No question, they are as much a part of our life as cheerfulness.  Each has its own place and time.

When we give esteem toward somebody, we rejoice in doing it, we show happiness and joy of life. 

This is the deep connection between esteem and celebration.  Living esteem each day gives each of our days a reason to be celebrated.