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Esteem step by step

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”  This proverb of Confucius expresses an attitude which can be applied to esteem as well as life generally.

As long as we integrate esteem into our life on a daily basis we can’t go wrong.  Esteem step by step means that it’s better to give small or just one sign of esteem but to give it daily instead of giving a lot of signs of esteem on one day and nothing at the following days.

Each new habit we want to let grow in our life needs this kind of attitude:  going slowly but steadily instead of doing a lot and then stopping.  Esteem can become part of our life when we live it step by step.

Esteem for German choreographer Pina Bausch

Last Tuesday world-famous German choreographer Pina Bausch died of cancer at the age of 68.

Pina Bausch was a legendary as well as media-shy artist.  She opened the way for a new form of body expression through dancing and speaking.  Her avant-garde work strongly influenced modern ballet.

She was a most distinguished woman who got esteem throughout her life and from her work as a choreographer.

She explained her work like this: “Body and motion are the best possibility to express what affects us.  It’s not art and skills, but life.”

We can give esteem to Pina Bausch and her work by remembering her important role in the world of ballet and dance art.


Tomorrow is Mother’s Day

There isn’t a more popular public day for giving esteem toward a special person than on Mother’s Day.

Giving esteem toward mothers comes easily for some, but for others not.  In either case there is one point we can’t deny: we are here on this Earth thanks to our mothers (and of course our fathers, but that post comes next month).

All of us came into this world through our mothers.  Mothers helped to put us on the path of our life.  What we are here and now we wouldn’t be without having a mother.

However you celebrate Mother’s Day there is one esteemful thought you can try to convey in your own words: it’s thanks to mom that you’re here.


Esteem helps overcome life’s challenges

The life story of Christopher Nolan is touching.  He was born mute and quadriplegic.  As a child he could only communicate with his family through eye movements.  Doctors predicted that his brain would remain infantile throughout his life.

But Christopher Nolan and his family never lost confidence.  Thanks to the esteem he got from his family he overcame difficult circumstances and started to write poems.  His family’s acceptance and respect motivated Christopher to find his inner talent and life sense.

“My mind is like a spin-dryer at full speed, my thoughts fly around my skull while millions of beautiful words cascade down in my lap,” he once said in an interview.

Christopher Nolan died recently at home in Dublin, Ireland, but his sensitive and life-affirming poetry will remain,  His life is proof that even the most challenging life conditions can be overcome with esteem.

Esteem and the four cardinal virtues

Western culture is acquainted with the four cardinal virtues.  These cardinal virtues – wisdom, justice, courage and moderation originate in ancient philosophy.  The general explanation for virtues says that they are inner attitudes of doing good with joy. 

Virtues will remain just theory as long as we don’t integrate them into our lives and make them a habit.  In coming posts we’ll discuss the connection of esteem to each of these four cardinal virtues.

Virtues work like a mirror.  We see in each of these four mirrors our life and our attitudes.  Rather than discussing virtues theoretically and philosophically by creating the picture of a perfect life we’ll try to find practical ideas for realizing esteem through virtues in our daily life as life is imperfect and fragile.

Esteem News Anniversary

Today is the one-year-anniversary of Esteem News.


One way to give esteem is to say thank you.  We’d like to say thank you to all our readers, wishing that esteem can find an important place in all of our lives.

The moment esteem is integrated in our lives we realize that an esteemful life is full of color, joy and excitement.

The color which makes our lives interesting, the joy which brings us happiness and the excitement which keeps us going on will accompany the second year of Esteem News.

Please join us in the second year of our esteemful journey with Esteem News!


Attentive esteem

Attention is one of the words we can use to describe esteem.  When we give esteem to somebody we give our attention.

Attention starts first of all with looking in the eyes of another person.  We show with this our interest.

We know moments in our life when we are so focused that we don’t notice other people around us.  We don’t look in their faces, we don’t give them attention.

Another situation in which we often aren’t aware of other people occurs when the presence of people around us becomes normal and daily.  We don’t perceive them anymore.

The first step to get ourselves out of our being focused is to give attention consciously to the people around us.  Who are they?  How do they feel today?

Another test to find out how attentive we live is by asking ourselves what the people around us look like.  Do you know for example what your mailman looks like?

Giving attention to others means giving esteem.  Esteem is always attentive.  It makes us attentive toward others – and at the same time more conscious about our life.

Esteem and empathy

Empathy means that you can understand the feelings of other people.   Some people don’t have this ability to “put themselves in the shoes” of others.  We learned early in life that we have to struggle to survive and to succeed.  Empathy seems sometimes to be the opposite of this daily struggle.

Empathy is important for us.  It opens our life focus from us to our fellow men.  Even more, empathy means that we take care of the other people around us.  We’re interested in them in a positive and supporting way.

Empathy and esteem are close together.  At the moment you live empathy you give esteem because when you feel the other person’s feelings you acknowledge them.  This is genuine esteem.

Married people are healthier than singles

That married people are healthier than unmarried has been demonstrated by multiple studies.  On Monday a study by Michigan State University showed that ” the difference between married and unmarried people has changed over the past few decades” according to the study’s lead author Hui Liu.

As including esteem in our lives we know that it’s not the fact of being married which makes somebody’s life healthier.  More important is how much esteem somebody gets in his life.

If married people don’t receive esteem from their partners they won’t be healthier than single persons.

As a married person you can integrate esteem into your daily life because you can give esteem to your spouse.  As a single person you can live esteem in the same way just by giving esteem to all the people you meet through day.

Having esteem in your daily life is what makes you happy and healthy.