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Never be afraid of change

Personal Change 7 habitsChange is the only constant in life.  Knowing this life wisdom we can be accepting and even happy toward each change we undertake in our life. It’s the subtle changes we make in our life, rather than the big changes that I’m referring to.

What does change mean to you?  Through change we develop understanding of ourselves by going through various life moments.  We learn from our mistakes and we address them as we see fit.

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How to develop self-respect

It’s so easy to say that a high self-esteem shows that we respect ourselves.  But what exactly does self-respect mean?  Is there a way to develop self-respect in a healthy way?

There’s a simple step we can take to find out what self-respect means for us personally.  Sometimes it takes looking at how we give respect.

Try to think of life moments when you offered respect in a positive way.  What were these moments?  What was it that touched you deeply enough to make you feel respect toward someone?  As soon as you find out what evokes respect from within, you’ll know that adapting this same attitude will help develop your own self-respect.

Many people feel respect when they witness an unselfish act – such as helping without self-interest.  When we embrace this attitude by doing the same we create self-respect.

Say “No” with esteem

Even when we’re living an esteemful life there are still life situations where we have to say “No”. 

Genuine esteem is only possible when we know our own limits.  We need to know ourselves well enough to know how much energy we can put into esteemful actions.

There are moments in life when we have to say “No” and, in the process, disappoint somebody with our answer.  However, when we say “No” with esteem we can expect more understanding for our position. 

We recognize this situation when interacting with children.  When we just say “No” without reasons, we provoke a negative response in return.  On the other hand, when we explain the reasons why we said “No”  we might find understanding and acceptance.

Saying “No” with esteem means that we show esteem toward our limits and this in turn creates esteemful feelings in those who receive it.

Esteem makes each day meaningful

Dalai Lama once said: “Old friends pass away, new friends appear.  It is just like the days.  An old day passes, a new day arrives.  The important thing is to make it meaningful, a meaningful friend – a meaningful day.”

Change is the only constant in life.  Everything changes.  Our friends change, our life circumstances change, even we change. 

Esteem tells us to give meaning to each single moment.  When we give esteem to people and to life situations we appreciate them for the moment.  Esteem happens always in the moment, never after or before it.  When the moment passes, there is a new opportunity to give esteem to somebody else or to another life moment.

Esteem doesn’t hang on to certain people or certain life moments.  This means that esteem takes each new day, and every new moment as a new possibility to create new appreciation.  When we live esteem we make each single day meaningful, and we make the people around us meaningful.

How to take care of our self-esteem

You know exactly what to do when you want to lose weight.  You eat healthier and exercise more.

Do you know what to do to raise your self-esteem?

There’s a surprisingly simple idea for how to raise your self-esteem: be conscious of yourself.  In certain life situations you have to ask yourself “how do I experience myself in this situation?” Self-esteem is based on self-knowledge.  The more we understand ourselves the stronger our self-esteem will be.

Taking care of your self-esteem means putting more attention on how we experience ourselves in life situations.  With desire and perseverance the result will be strong self-esteem.

Can we change other people?

We don’t change other people, people change themselves.  But a healthy self-esteem can be a positive example to encourage others to make their own changes.

Having a high self-esteem means that we are self-confident in what we are and what we do in a healthy way.  This means that we don’t overestimate our abilities but that we have a deep self-understanding of failure and success as being part of our life.  This life wisdom emerges from a high self-esteem and can help people around us to undertake the effort for a positive change in their own lives.

We often experience that it’s easier to lead by example than by words.  When people see us handling life situations calmly and self-confidently they are more likely to do the same.  This is the only way we can help others to realize changes in their attitudes and lives.

Living esteem as a new habit

Remaining in old habits keeps us from being creative and innovative.  Creativity means that we try new things, and we are filled with wonder.

Making only either-or-decisions each day keeps us in tight narrow lines of thinking.

Developing new habits means leaving the paths of old habits and this always means leaving our comfort level.  The rewards of breaking old habits are great – such as keeping a healthy brain.  Brain researchers have discovered that varying your daily routine can help keep your mind healthy and active.

Each day we try to live esteem we are developing new habits.  Each day we create happiness around us and keep ourselves healthy!


How humor looks at life

Sometimes speaking about self-esteem is easier when we add humor.

Humor allows us to laugh at ourselves in a way that helps our self-esteem to stay healthy.  With humor we can go through life’s difficult situations more easily. Having humor doesn’t mean we don’t take life seriously.  On the contrary, humor looks at life in its most genuine essence and enables us to recognize deepest truths about ourselves.



Esteem endures all things

As we mature through life esteem matures with us.  

Esteem is more than just acting friendly in a superficial way.  It means we accept that there are difficult moments in life.  Esteem is able to carry us through the sad moments of life without breaking us.

Enduring all things with esteem means that we realize moments of fear, and of suffering because we know what life is all about.  Esteem helps us combine hope and trust against life’s difficult situations.

Even the hardest life moments pass.  But when the moment passes what lingers in our hearts are bad feelings, anger or sad thoughts.

Esteem helps us get beyond those feelings because we meet these moments with patience and understanding.  The outcome is much better when met with esteem.

Esteem prevents stress

Stress is one of the factors in life that can push us off balance.  Sometimes we have no control over the stress in our life, such as the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, an illness or other external problems.  But often our stress is self-created.

One of the many stresses of modern life is envy.  Another is fear.

These two causes of stress are “self-made” because we are the ones who allow feelings of envy and fear into our life.  This means the responsibility is on us to change these feelings and eliminate the causes of this stress.

When we integrate esteem in our lives we realize the destructive consequences of stress.  Living esteem makes us want to live the opposite of envy and fear – emotional open-mindedness and courage.

Esteem helps us to recognize stress and to learn how to handle it in a healthy way.  At the same time esteem helps us to prevent stress by avoiding destructive habits.