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Esteem for Madrid

Rick Steves Spain 2017Some cities undergo a massive construction boom in the form of urban renovation projects.

Madrid in Spain is one of these cities.  Recently, after more than five years of construction in this beautiful city, planners were able to declare the projects complete. The renovation project included rerouting traffic underground so that the city’s center was opened for pedestrians.

With its renewed appearance Madrid gives esteem towards its citizens and tourists.  On the other hand, the city receives esteem from the people who enjoy the beautiful plazas, facades and a great open atmosphere.

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Which city is the most stylish?

Yesterday I wrote about Tel Aviv, one of my growing list of favorite cities.  Today I have made a list to find out which city in the world is the most stylish.

It’s quite interesting to read the opinions of those who are surveyed, which is why I bring you the ranking list of the top ten stylish cities.

Place 10: Madrid, Spain: culturally rich and proud
Place 9: Amsterdam, Netherlands: cool and powerful
Place 8: Berlin, Germany: young and trendsetting
Place 7: Melbourne, Australia: like-able and surprising
Place 6: Barcelona, Spain: architectural and visual
Place 5: Rome, Italy: charming and historical
Place 4: New York, N.Y.: wonderful and exciting
Place 3: Sidney, Australia: sophisticated and smart
Place 2: Paris, France:  beautiful and romantic
Place 1: London, England:  multicultural and hip

How was this list formed? 18,000 people from 18 countries were surveyed to find answers about lifestyle, buzz, multiculturalism, cultural life and attractiveness.  People were also asked about climate and weather, pollution and attractiveness of the buildings and parks.  A revealing question was how they expect to be welcomed by the people of each city.  Some of the answers are surprising.  Or how they consider the importance of the city’s contribution in science, culture and government.

If you are living in one of these listed cities you might be pleased to discover how stylish you are.  For all the others – like me – I’d say the cities we love are for us always the most stylish ones!