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Esteem, honesty and integrity

There is a strong connection between esteem, honesty and integrity.  These three powerful words create positive images in our minds. 

Living esteem requires honesty and integrity.  Being a person of integrity means that we do what we say.  This makes other people believe in us because our integrity reveals our honesty.

Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius said: “If it is not right do not do it, if it is not true do not say it.”  We can’t express better the close connection between honesty and integrity.

Whenever we express esteem toward somebody we do it with honesty, otherwise it wouldn’t be genuine esteem.  When people give esteem but they don’t live it themselves the significance of their gesture fades away.  We can’t believe that their sign of esteem is true and honest. 

The connection between esteem, honesty and integrity is strong and mutual.  None of them can truly exist without the others.  Isn’t this a great motivation to integrate esteem in your daily life!