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Self-esteem and stillness

Eckart Tolle Stillness speaksPeople can speak nonstop for hours – with themselves.  They speak with themselves even when they are working, engaged in athletics or just playing around.  There is almost no moment without this inner monologue.

Sometimes they become aware of their inner voice and listen to its endless stream of words.  Most often though they unconsciously turn daily problems over and over in their mind.

Are these inner monologues known to you?

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Esteem and meditation

At first glance it seems that esteem and meditation have very little in common.  Meditation is an inward focus of the mind and spirit.  Esteem, on the other hand, is outward looking, an active life expression.

When we look more deeply we can reverse these observations and say that meditation is very active mental work.  It doesn’t mean to just sit quietly, it requires conscious effort because you try to eliminate all disruptive thoughts.  Esteem however can be expressed as “living calmness” with which you can effectively conciliate other people.

In fact I see a very important connection between meditation and esteem, a mutual strengthening.  When you allow that meditation has a regular place in your daily life you’ll see that esteem will be a natural expression of your personality.  Your peaceful and blissful mood wants to realize happiness around you by giving esteem to your fellow men.   You feel your being enriched through your strengthened self-esteem.

Esteem and meditation is a true win-win-combination.