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Esteem for learning from childhood through old age

Frost Memory TrainingReading books, writing and generally participating in brain-stimulating activities at any age preserves not only memory but also keeps you young and fit.

A research suggests that exercising your brain from childhood through old age is important for brain health in old age. It found that people who participated in mentally stimulating activities until late in life had a slower rate of decline in memory compared to those who did not participate in such activities across their lifetime.

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Esteem means clearing out our minds

When we integrate esteem in our life we experience an inner calmness which we also call serenity.

To be able to reach serenity we need to clear out our minds.  In fact it’s like clearing out our homes from clutter.  The clutter in our homes shows that we can’t let go of things.  We collect them and we bind ourselves to them.

In our mind we do the same, we can’t let go thoughts, memories, habits and attitudes.

Just by letting go of one binding thought we immediately feel freedom and calmness.  This small step makes us open enough to allow esteem to enter in our life.  And even better: the more we live esteem, the more we are able to clear out our mind and live a life in calmness and serenity.


The memory of elderly people

More than a third of people over age 70 have some form of memory loss.  This includes all those who still are able to manage daily activities.

What could be a reason for loss of memory other than health reasons?

We keep our knowledge vital and active when we use it frequently.  It’s the same with our ability to memorize.  The more we use our memory the more we make it strong and strengthened.

Giving esteem to our elderly fellow persons means that we integrate them into life as much as they desire it.  With it they feel themselves precious with the knowledge they gathered through whole life.  Therefore they are happy and interested in everything that is going on.  Is there a better way to keep the ability of memory strong?