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Smile is the best communication

Manecke Smile and Succeed for TeensAccording to a new study researchers found that when mothers look at their babies it activates certain parts of the brain known to be activated by other positive acts such as finding food or a mate.  Researchers call this an “evolutionary survival” effect. Most mothers admit that seeing their smiling babies has an addictive effect on them.  They want to see it over and over again because it makes them happy.

It’s great that science can prove this connection between happy motherhood and smiling babies. Smiles are important to every age though.

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To all mothers

Today you are celebrated by your family members.

Today you get esteem for being a mother.

Today you can feel happy and acknowledged.

Today your self-esteem will get a big boost.

The happiness you experience today is because of esteem.  You can make this day the first day of the rest of your life by giving esteem back to others and creating the same feeling for others by boosting their self-esteem.