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Esteem gives new hope

It’s easy to give esteem to somebody in a moment of success or happiness.  It’s no problem to acknowledge great life moments, positive actions or friendly words.  But what about esteem for moments of failure?  How can we acknowledge when somebody falls?

Esteem for moments of failure doesn’t acknowledge the failure itself but its effect on the people involved.  Failure happens to everybody because nobody is perfect.  Esteem highlights this fact and encourages us to pick ourselves up and go on.

The great effect of esteem in moments like this: it creates motivation to do it better the next time.  When people receive esteem in sad moments they receive with it hope that this moment won’t last forever.

With esteem we can help people in realizing what Confucius said: “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.”


Industry Appreciation Awards

Industry is an important part of our society.  The engine of an economy is it’s production capabilities.

The annual Industry Appreciation Awards of Southwest Florida celebrate the accomplishments of local businesses.

Seventeen businesses were recognized in these eight various categories:

  • Aviation, Aerospace, Defense and National Security
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Health Sciences & Human Performance
  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Renewable Energy
  • Research & Engineering
  • Transportation & Logistics

The honored businesses will feel motivated by having received this genuine sign of esteem.

Giving public esteem toward industry is a great reminder for us to acknowledge efforts which are vital to society.

Esteem is all about our heart

French author and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupery once said:  “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

We often hear words of esteem and see actions of esteem but may have doubt about the honesty behind them.

This is the moment where our heart is speaking to us.  Our heart feels the motivation behind nice words.

We can smile at a person in order to express esteem while truly we’re distracted by own worrying thoughts.  We can be sure that the person’s heart sees rightly, meaning the person feels if the gesture of esteem is genuine or not.

The more we trust our heart the more it can speak to us and help us see rightly.


Esteem never stops

We connect esteem strongly with understanding, open-mindedness and most of all trust.  These traits motivate esteem to go on without stopping.  Esteem can’t stop by default.  There is no possible reason for esteem to stop ever.  On the contrary, esteem is the one attitude which continues on against all doubt.

Esteem comes from a higher level because it’s based on genuine interest for our fellow men.  Genuine esteem makes us trustful and broad-minded giving others another chance again and again.

Esteem aims at people’s most inner core, the place where we are truly ourselves, where no outer judgment can touch us.  Esteem reaches us exactly there.  Esteem isn’t given because we did something for it.  We get esteem because we deserve it just by being here and now.

Realizing this truth of esteem allows us to see that there will be never a moment that causes esteem to stop.  Esteem never stops.


Esteem is a gift

Most human beings desire acknowledgment of an achievement and esteem for themselves.  Esteem is an important motivation for all our actions.

When we get esteem from somebody we feel well in his company.  If we don’t get esteem from others we try to avoid contact with these persons.

Esteem is like a gift on several levels.  It’s a gift because it’s given magnanimously and without conditions.  It’s a gift because it makes the recipient feel good.  Finally it’s a gift for ourselves because our presence enriches life for everybody.

As good as we feel in the company of esteemful persons they’ll feel the same in our company when we give esteem freely, when we give esteem as a gift.