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The effect of music on us

Teaching Music to Children BielawskiMusic is one of the fundamental constants of society and has a universal effect on people.  From classical to rap, and everything in between, it’s a fact that music is important to humans.

Have you considered that music can have a very strong boosting effect on our self-esteem?  Playing an instrument, singing or just listening to music can create this positive effect.

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Express yourself creatively

There is no doubt that being creative can boost self-esteem. Unfortunately with the changes in the education system, many art programs are being cut from public schools.

Attendance Record, located in Austin TX, provides a safe space where students are encouraged to express themselves creatively through songwriting and art. They focus on building a community of learners where everyone involved can discover something unique about themselves.

Attendance Records is dedicated to bringing creativity back into schools by connecting teachers and students with local writers, artists and musicians. By providing students with the opportunity to design, write and produce their own album, students will build confidence skills that will result in discovering what makes them unique.

A great idea helping boost self-esteem in students.



Esteem to the world’s oldest playable organ

The world’s oldest organ that is still playable stands in the Basilica of Valeria in Sitten, Switzerland.

The so called Valeria organ was built at the beginning of the 15th century and was extended in 1687. Around the middle of the 19th century it fell into oblivion. The former curator of the basilica of Valeria, Maurice Wenger, revived the instrument in the first half of the 20th century bit by bit. When in 1946 after an earthquake several whistles had detached themselves, he patched them up after a fashion with adhesive tape and wooden pieces. The first restoration occurred in 1954 after experts recognized the specific feature of the instrument.

The Valeria organ plays 45 marks and is two third tones higher tuned than commonly used. Therefore some modern pieces aren’t playable on it. The keyboard of the instrument encloses as a specific feature a so-called short octave, that is one without semitones.


Esteem for the Apprentice Singer Program

Two days ago we were at the plaza in Santa Fe, NM and enjoyed an incredible singing performance.  Hundreds of listeners shopping, eating and walking around the plaza were attracted by these remarkable voices.

The four singers represented the Apprentice Singer Program of the Santa Fe Opera and performed a selection of arias from their upcoming season.

The Apprentice Singer Program is internationally recognized as one of the finest programs of its type.  Many of the opera world’s brightest young performers participated in this Santa Fe program.  Each year about 40 singers are selected from more than 1,400 applicants.  The fortunate and talented few  go through a rigorous program of training and performances.

Singing at the plaza in Santa Fe was one of these performances.  All four singers convinced the audience with their beautiful voices and natural charisma.

The performance at the plaza in Santa Fe was a mutual esteem event.  The audience got esteem by being treated to a free hour of wonderful music and beautiful voices.  And the young singers received esteem from the audience through copious applause.

A story about esteem

When we speak about esteem it’s sometimes difficult to find the right words to express the core meaning of esteem.  Sometimes it’s easier to speak about esteem by telling a story.

We found a video which describes the importance of esteem and self-esteem.  It’s actually an advertisement for a consumer products company but it touches many important experiences concerning esteem.

There are two important messages in this video.  One is that we shouldn’t compare ourselves with others because every single person has his own talents and personality.  The other message tells us that we can find esteem at unexpected places from unexpected people who can make us strong enough to fulfill our wishes.

The strength of esteem is often underestimated.  But it really can change lives.


Julian Lennon’s gesture of esteem

Julian Lennon came home from school one day forty years ago with a picture he had drawn.  He showed it to his father John Lennon and said: that’s Lucy in the sky with diamonds.  He drew his childhood friend Lucy with stars in her eyes.

The picture inspired John Lennon to write one of the most famous songs of all time: Lucy in the sky with diamonds.  Some thought of the title of this song as a hidden message about LSD.  But Lucy really lived and still lives.

Recently Julian Lennon found out that his old friend Lucy, now 46 years old, suffers from an incurable disease.  He immediately decided to fly from France where he lives and works as musician to visit the ailing woman.

“I wanted to do something to put a smile on her face” he said.  And his gesture of esteem by offering emotional support in her condition touched Lucy deeply:  “Julian got in touch with me out of the blue, when he heard how ill I was, and he said he wanted to do something for me.”

What a wonderful act of esteem.


Susan Boyle – A lesson in basing esteem on appearances

Television is a medium that thrives on appearances.  We have shows that are all about selecting the “Next Top Model” or the “American Idol”.  Viewers judgment are as much about how a contestant looks as how they perform.

Last week in the UK, viewers got a lesson in basing esteem on appearances.


A humble and modest woman from a village in England stepped onto the stage in a rather plain looking dress.  Her hair and makeup were simply made and she spoke in a way that made her seem just a tad, well, eccentric.

When the audience first saw her on the video screen, the giggling started.  When she came out and started awkwardly answering questions from the panel of judges, the tittering in the audience grew.  Shots of both the judges and the audience showed an abundance of rolling eyes and derisive laughter.

But once Susan Boyle began to sing, all of that skepticism disappeared.  In fact, almost from the moment the words came out of her mouth the audience was clapping, smiling and cheering.

A stunned Simon Cowell, notorious for his negative takes on most contestants, sat with a wide-eyed grin on his face.

As the song progressed, the audience became more enthusiastic, cheering loudly and ultimately standing to their feet for this undiscovered singing phenomenon.  A clearly flabbergasted Piers Morgan admitted that in all the time he’d been doing the show he had never been more wrong about judging a contestant on appearances.

Susan was of course moved on to the next round of the competition.

Here is a lesson for all of us in basing our esteem on appearances.  Esteem is for everyone just for being here and as Susan Boyle so perfectly showed us – for the talent that lies in all of us.

Esteem for opera singers

For music lovers, enjoying classical music in the form of operas is a special occasion.  We can all derive pleasure from listening to opera singers.

We don’t see the years of hard work behind their talent; the intense singing exercises, how much care they have to give their precious voice and the slow, gradual development of their instrument.  We just enjoy the uplifting music and their amazing voices.  Wouldn’t it be great to give esteem directly to these artists to show that their efforts are precious?

Most of us don’t have the opportunity to meet an opera singer personally to give them our esteem, but we can give esteem toward opera singers just by enjoying going to opera or buying their CDs.

While we listen to opera we acknowledge consciously the persons creating this great musical art.


Fascination with the past

They call it eighties retro and it mean eighties music, movies, TV shows or fashion.  Looking back in the past can be fascinating, even more when you lived in that time and have good memories.

Often it seems people believe that the past was better, life was easier or more fun.

The fascination with the past can also be an escape from the present time.  One of the reasons could be that a present lack of esteem makes people believe that in the past it was different, better.

Reviving the past can be fun, at the same time we should be aware that we only get esteem in the present time. Esteem works now, each day newly.

Joshua Roman, a talented cellist

Joshua Roman started to play cello when he was three years old.  Since then he has dedicated his life to his instrument and to music.

He started his successful career as youngest musician in the Seattle symphony, then showed his unique talent in different concerts and as soloist.  He served very capably as an intermediary between youth and classic music.

Joshua Roman shows how successful someone can be when he finds his talent in childhood. He got the opportunity to develop his gift and was supported in it.  A real story of getting esteem for a unique talent.

He starts this summer with his promising solo career.  We wish him all the best!