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Esteem for Madagascar’s rich biodiversity

Mammals of Madagascar

Did you know that there are animals living on the island of Madagascar which you won’t find anywhere else in the world?

92% of its reptiles and 80% of its plants are found nowhere else.

Madagascar’s rich ecosystem and extraordinary wildlife will now be highly protected according to a plea from the World Wildlife Fund.

Here’s the background story.

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Esteem for our wildlife

wildlife refuge

Our visit of the Wildlife Refuge in Vermont made me think of the important mission of the National Wildlife Refuge Association which is: To conserve America’s wildlife heritage for future generations through strategic programs that protect, enhance, and expand the National Wildlife Refuge System and the landscapes beyond its boundaries that secure its ecological integrity.

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Esteem for peace-ensuring art

The art camp “Art for Peace and Harmony”, the first of its kind in India, encourages artists to discover how they can respond to the events in their world.

Artists are not immune to the world’s situation, just like the rest of us, may it be consciously or unconsciously.

This art camp, organized by Mangalore University, Orchid Art Gallery and others, leads artists to find their own way to ensure peace and harmony among people and nature.

Artists of all kind such as painters, poets, singers, dancers, musicians, actors, writers and sculptors are invited to explore their role in ensuring peace.

Raised awareness through esteem

It’s an open secret that living esteem daily gives us a new perspective on life through a higher awareness.

The moment we actively integrate esteem into our life we perceive our surroundings more consciously.


Just thinking about how we can express esteem toward others and also toward nature makes us more sensitive of being connected to people and nature.

Esteem, in fact, lets us look at everything with more patience, understanding and even more loving eyes.

On one hand we can create great moments for others, on the other hand we receive so much for ourselves.


Esteem for “an artist of life”

Tsai Erh Ping, born in China and working as an artist in the U.S. creates unusual handcrafts in the form of unique jewelry and small sculptures.

Tsai’s art shows his connectedness to nature and life.  He transforms the image of spiders, birds and geckos into crafted brooches and pins.  He calls himself an “artist of life”.

“Life is very precious,” he said. “There is no higher or lower level, poor or rich. There is only being respectful.”

Tsai expresses esteem through his work.  He once commented: “There is no humility in life.  My works are not going to elevate one’s value or position … When there is love within, people will be sincere.  When people are sincere, they will be beautiful and the world become a more beautiful place.”

It’s great to see how others express esteem because it makes us think of how we can do the same.

The National Museum of History in Taipei City, Taiwan showcases Tsai Erh Ping’s jewelry and sculpture in an exhibit named “A window to a Sculptor’s Dream” until March 31, 2009.

Esteem toward whales

Since the 1980s whale hunting has been banned worldwide.  This protection has had a great result for large whales such as the humpbacks.

Together with other large whale species they are recovering under the protection according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, IUCN.

Our esteem includes nature around us, meaning animals, plants and landscapes.  Protecting whales from extinction is a very important sign of esteem we can show toward these marvelous animals.

Good news like this can support us in giving even more esteem to nature and animals.

Esteem toward nature – an Irish success

Ireland was always known for its rich bird population thanks to a moderate climate and a fertile environment such as fields, waterways and woodlands.

The air filled with the happy music of song birds from morning until evening was normal in Ireland for hundred of years.  Nobody thought it could ever change.

But only the past few decades environmental pollution and changed landscapes minimized the presence of the huge variety of birds.

Ireland reacted.  The Irish Department of the Environment created the R.E.P. Scheme (Rural Environment Protection Scheme) with great success.

Today the Irish again hear the wonderful song birds as it was previously.  The birds are back.  With great joy the people even report other species of birds coming to Ireland such as cranes.

Ireland made it possible to show its esteem toward nature with quick and efficient actions in an exemplary manner.

Nature symphony

With May we start getting the beginnings of the summer. The next months will keep us outside longer – enjoying warm weather and nature.  Living in countries with seasons we know the joy of welcoming the awakening nature with the seasons of spring and summer.

There is indeed a symphony of nature to which you can listen with your eyes.  You can discover flowers blooming one after the other.  We’ve already had several changes of color in our little garden.  There are so many beautiful flowers growing – of which we can take great relish in admiring with eyes, nose and fingers.

Enjoying just the nature around our homes is enough to show and give esteem to it.  We aren’t consuming or changing it, we just are delighted at it.

Let nature be nature.


Thanks to bats we can drink organic coffee

At Mexican organic coffee plantations pesticides are forbidden.  So natural ways to eliminate the harmful quantity of insects are required.  Until now birds were considered as the best way to keep insects under control.

According to a new study from University of Michigan bats play a much bigger role in plant protection in wet summers like last year.

The right balance in nature is the most important base for surviving of flora and fauna.  Even when we don’t recognize fully the whole significance of a species for nature – it doesn’t mean that this species isn’t important.  This is another meaning of esteem toward nature.


Inexpensive ways to become self-sufficient

Scott Kellogg in Austin TX organizes trainings where urbanites can learn how to be self-sufficient in an inexpensive way.  He gives a lot of advice about almost every part of living, incorporating for example “passive solar energy” or how to purify soapy clothes-washer water.

Even when people don’t use all of his advice, the training gives them a lot of ideas how to live in accordance to nature.

Only utilizing one of his ideas is a sign for our responsibility and esteem toward nature.