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Esteem and Curiosity – Open-hearted Awareness

Shift into Freedom Loch KellyHopefully you belong to the group of people who walk through life with open eyes, open ears and open heart.

Curiosity leads us to live like this.  Being curious in a normal manner makes us open to our surroundings, our fellow men and our whole world. We take care when we are curious.

Without question curiosity is an important part of esteem because it opens us toward the people around us.

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Say “No” with esteem

Even when we’re living an esteemful life there are still life situations where we have to say “No”. 

Genuine esteem is only possible when we know our own limits.  We need to know ourselves well enough to know how much energy we can put into esteemful actions.

There are moments in life when we have to say “No” and, in the process, disappoint somebody with our answer.  However, when we say “No” with esteem we can expect more understanding for our position. 

We recognize this situation when interacting with children.  When we just say “No” without reasons, we provoke a negative response in return.  On the other hand, when we explain the reasons why we said “No”  we might find understanding and acceptance.

Saying “No” with esteem means that we show esteem toward our limits and this in turn creates esteemful feelings in those who receive it.

Esteem for Vincent van Gogh through Don McLean

Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh bequeathed to us his numerous paintings through which we still give esteem toward him and his art.

We found an impressive video which combines, in a very understanding way, the song Starry starry night with van Gogh’s paintings.

Viewing his paintings set to this powerful song creates a deeper connection to Vincent van Gogh.  The person who created it obviously put a lot of thought and effort into this videdo.  It’s an excellent way to express esteem toward this extraordinary artist.

At the same time we give esteem to Don McLean, with his open-hearted and honest approach toward van Gogh.


World Smile Day

Harvey Ball, a commercial artist from Worcester, MA and creator of the smiley face in 1963, started World Smile Day 10 years ago.

His goal was that people would dedicate a whole day to smiles and kind acts throughout the world.  He noted that the smiley face knows no politics, no geography and no religion and at least one day each year neither should we.

One of the easiest signs of esteem is a smile.  A simple smile gives people a feeling of being noticed and appreciated.  You can’t smile open-heartedly and have negative thoughts.  Smiling creates happiness in the receivers as well as the givers.

Today, on World Smile Day, we can give away our smile even more freely than on other days.  When we experience the positive impact of this powerful but simple sign of esteem we won’t stop smiling all the other days of the year.


Esteem always trusts

Trusting in other people open-heartedly is considered by some as naivety or gullibility.  We can also think of trusting in others as children do, with openness and basic kindness, just believing in the good in man as if there is no malevolence possible.

Including esteem in our life makes us believe the best about people.  There is no suspicious thinking because our first intention toward people is always to give esteem.

Acknowledging others for their just being here, for their preciousness and unique abilities in an open-hearted way lets us see the good side in them.

It’s always our decision how we want to think about others.  When we stay cautious toward them we expect and attract possible negative reactions.

When we give others the trust of being kind-hearted and basically good we’ll receive positive reactions as an answer.

Esteem creates esteem through its trusting and believing in the good in man.