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Esteem for opera singers

Opera singer Renee FlemingFor music lovers, enjoying classical music in the form of operas is a special occasion.  We can all derive pleasure from listening to opera singers.

We don’t see the years of hard work behind their talent; the intense singing exercises, how much care they have to give their precious voice and the slow, gradual development of their instrument.

We just enjoy the uplifting music and their amazing voices.

Wouldn’t it be great to give esteem directly to these artists to show that their efforts are precious?

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Esteem for young singers

Young people gifted with a singing talent have often a hard time stretching musically.  They need to get a chance to show their talent.  Esteem strengthens them in their decision to move forward into a music career.

American Idol is one of these opportunities for young people to launch themselves into a music career.

The new opera “Language of Birds”, a Santa Fe New Music’s production written by its Artistic Director John Kennedy is another chance for young singers.

15-year-old Kirsten Schofield has dreamed of a career as an opera singer since she was 9.  In the new opera “Language of Birds” she gets the exciting opportunity to stretch herself musically.

Opportunities like this are strong signs of esteem toward young promising talents.  Esteem motivate them to commit to their talent and to develop their abilities to higher levels.