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Self-esteem is beautifying

Self-esteem tends to beautify us and our life.

We can confirm this statement when we picture those people who have a strong self-esteem.  Don’t they smile often and always seem to be happy?  These are the people we like to be around because they radiate serenity.  In their eyes we recognize a mellow beauty which attracts us to them.

We recognize somebody as beautiful who emanates patience, calmness and empathy.  We perceive beauty when we receive esteem from these people.

Self-esteem and beauty have a strong connection.  Having a strong self-esteem makes people look and behave beautiful.  This radiant kind of beauty has nothing to do with an artificially created beauty which has only an emptiness behind it.

Real beauty is always perceived by seeing and feeling, the same as with a strong self-esteem.

Esteem sees the opportunity in crisis

We often hear the expression that Out of crisis comes opportunity, but in hard times it’s sometimes difficult to find the truth in this saying.

When we’re already integrating esteem into our daily life we can see this truth emerging out of life experiences.   The more we live an esteemful life filled with understanding and patience the more we can go through hard times with a smile on our face.

Giving esteem to other people makes us aware of the preciousness of each moment in life.  We experience daily how a given smile creates a smile back.  Knowing this power of esteem we’re able to see the “opportunity created by crisis”.  Esteem creates esteem – and this creates openness toward new paths and new opportunity.

Esteem for school bus drivers

A school bus driver is an important person in the lives of many families.

The safety of our children is in their hands.  We expect them to be punctual and reliable.  Often we just “meet” them when there’s a problem with the school bus service.

School bus drivers are required to put a lot of energy into driver training skills.  Their duties require them to be patient and kind toward students and parents, even when their own patience is tested.  They perform their service for countless accident-free miles, year after year.

Amador County in California dedicated April 28 as School Bus Drivers Appreciation Day.

We all can give esteem daily toward the school bus drivers in our life by acknowledging their reliable service with a friendly word or thank-you.


Esteem for road maintenance crew

After writing about people who sometimes work in thankless jobs such as nurses and mailmen we take a look at another group of under-appreciated men and women: road maintenance workers.

Most of us who drive admit that we sometimes don’t have very positive thoughts towards road maintenance workers because they often delay our travels.

A public sign of esteem was given on April 1, 2009 at Stanford by the Department of Buildings and Grounds.  The 2009 Grounds Annual Customer Service Award was given to Stanford’s road maintenance crew.

A simple sign of esteem which we can all give is to simply be patient.  Give workers plenty of room as you drive by and slow down.  A smile and a wave is a great sign of esteem for their work.

Esteem endures all things

As we mature through life esteem matures with us.  

Esteem is more than just acting friendly in a superficial way.  It means we accept that there are difficult moments in life.  Esteem is able to carry us through the sad moments of life without breaking us.

Enduring all things with esteem means that we realize moments of fear, and of suffering because we know what life is all about.  Esteem helps us combine hope and trust against life’s difficult situations.

Even the hardest life moments pass.  But when the moment passes what lingers in our hearts are bad feelings, anger or sad thoughts.

Esteem helps us get beyond those feelings because we meet these moments with patience and understanding.  The outcome is much better when met with esteem.

Esteem and the four cardinal virtues


Esteem is closely connected to the classic four cardinal virtues of wisdom, justice, courage and moderation.  The cardinal virtues aren’t out of fashion, they’re still important for a life full of esteem and respect for the fellow men.


Wisdom is more than knowledge, it’s more than accumulating know-how.  Wisdom is life experience making us patient and understanding – just like esteem does.

Greek philosopher Plato explained wisdom as “we know that we don’t know” meaning that there is no safe knowledge which we could defend.  When we live esteem toward others we feel the truth of this virtue.  Esteem prevents us from being self-opinionated.

On the other hand wisdom is explained as choosing the middle between two extremes creating harmony and peace.

In any case the virtue of wisdom helps us to make just and reasonable decisions because we show understanding for people and life situations.  The more we live esteem in our life the more we can integrate wisdom.


Justice, the second of the four cardinal virtues is another important foundation for humane society.  When we encounter injustice we discover that it diminishes our happiness and motivation to be fair ourselves.

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Esteem and the virtue of “moderation”

Moderation can easily be misunderstood as self-control in the meaning of suppressing emotions or abstention.  But moderation as a virtue means not being dominated by emotions expressed in the form of excess.

When we live esteem in our life we develop the virtue of moderation more easily because we already live patience and understanding.  Moderation goes strongly together with these two attitudes.

We also see moderation when people are not interrupting others because it’s more important to them to give esteem toward others than to insist on own opinions.

Moderation as forth virtue works together with the other three such as wisdom, justice and courage mutually encouraging and developing.


Esteem for nurses

The nursing profession has much to offer those who pursue it as a career.   Often it’s just the satisfaction of helping and serving in a position vital to a community.

The demands of the job are many and varied.  Patience, understanding, calmness, friendliness and not the least of all, extensive medical knowledge.

Often patients fail to give esteem toward nurses and their precious work because they are distracted by pain, fear and maybe even money concerns.

This lack of acknowledgement can create difficult moments for nurses.  Many nurses who leave the field cite this lack of esteem as a primary reason.

Having uplifting work, and the esteem of those whom they serve is a recipe for building strong self-esteem and ultimately happiness.


Esteem is freeing

Positive thoughts and positive words create an overall positive atmosphere.

We express esteem through positive words and actions otherwise it wouldn’t be genuine esteem.

When we dedicate ourselves toward thinking positively we also free ourselves from anxiety.

Living esteem has an enormous calming effect on us and on the people receiving esteem.  We experience ourselves as being free because nothing causes us to get worked up.

We look at the world and the people around us with understanding, which makes us patient and calm.

Giving esteem also frees us from being too focused on ourselves.  We want to see other people happy.  Esteem makes us put our awareness on our fellow man and makes us at the same time happy for ourselves too.


Esteem doesn’t get worked up

Our lives are filled with emotional moments of all kinds from sad to happy. 

We know how important it is to be able to express our emotions.  With a high self-knowledge we can handle our emotions without being disturbed or disturbing others.

When are emotions disturbing?  The answer is simple: when we lose control.  These are moments when we get worked up and negatively affected by our emotions. 

Now let’s imagine we feel esteemed and therefore happy.  We can’t get worked up anymore.   Esteem is like magic because it makes us patient, calm and understanding.  All these attitudes prevent us from being worked up.  If we get esteem or give esteem we create an atmosphere of understanding and this stops us being worked up. 

When we’re tempted toward those negative emotions, let’s just think for a moment that it’s always us deciding to lose control.  We’ll realize that being worked up doesn’t help us and anybody else.  With that we bring esteem into the moment and give ourselves and the people around us the chance to express true emotions.