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Physical Activity influences Life Satisfaction

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Coming back to my earlier post about Physical Activity influencing Life Satisfaction I’d like to add this recommendation for a book that’s not so long out there, but has already a great influence on people’s mind and thinking about how physical activity can influence happiness and life satisfaction.

If I need to give one short answer to the question if body exercise helps you being more happy and balanced in life, it would be this: Yes!

But there is much more to it. I found this great book and like to introduce it to you.

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Physical activity influences life satisfaction

Penn State researchers found that people’s satisfaction with life was higher on days when they exercised more than usual. So extending your normal exercise routine by a few minutes may be the solution how to boost your self-esteem.

Satisfaction with life is just another expression why a high self-esteem is so important. Are you satisfied with your life? If not, this could be your solution.

“We found that people’s satisfaction with life was directly impacted by their daily physical activity,” said Jaclyn Maher, graduate student in kinesiology. “The findings reinforce the idea that physical activity is a health behavior with important consequences for daily well-being and should be considered when developing national policies to enhance satisfaction with life.”

“Emerging adults are going through a lot of changes; they are leaving home for the first time and attending college or starting jobs,” said Maher. “As a result, their satisfaction with life can plummet.”

“Shifts in depression, anxiety and stress would be expected to influence a person’s satisfaction with life at any given point in time,” said David Conroy, professor of kinesiology. “In addition, fatigue can be a barrier to engaging in physical activity, and a high Body Mass Index associated with being overweight may cause a person to be less satisfied in a variety of ways.”

The researchers were able to determine that the amount of physical activity a person undertakes in a particular day directly influences his or her satisfaction with life. Specifically, the team found that by exercising just a little more than usual a person can significantly improve his or her satisfaction with life.


Our health deserves esteem

Health is something we only recognize when we don’t have it anymore.  We can change this attitude toward health by showing esteem for our health.

The first step of showing esteem for our health is to recognize how healthy we are.  The next step to get it back on track if you’re not.

For people who need scientific proof of the effect of behavior on our health this recent research will be interesting.

Researchers from the University of Kuoipo and Oulo, Finland made a study about the connection between physical activity and health.  They found that men who participate in sports for half an hour a day have half the risk of getting cancer.

The reason for this connection lies in the fact that regular physical activity creates a higher consumption of oxygen – which prevents healthy cells from transforming into cancerous cells.

Researchers underlined the fact that moderate sport, such as brisk walking for half an hour daily is the best exercise.

Of course these results are also applicable for women.  Take the first steps in giving esteem toward your health.