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Happiness without TV

Kromar Living without the Screen

“TV doesn’t really seem to satisfy people over the long haul the way that social involvement or reading a newspaper does,” says University of Maryland sociologist John P. Robinson. “It’s more passive and may provide escape – especially when the news is as depressing as the economy itself. The data suggest to us that the TV habit may offer short-run pleasure at the expense of long-term malaise.”


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Esteem for a blind test driver

The Blind Driver Challenge Team of the Virginia Tech College of Engineering is working on the goal of enabling the blind to drive cars independently.

To realize this goal researchers equipped a dune buggy with a number of technologies to allow the visually impaired or blind to drive.

This system was recently tested with great success.  Wes Majerus was the first blind person to drive the buggy which he did with great pleasure.

Those with disabilities like Wes Majerus deserve our esteem because they’re anxious to be test pilots for new technologies which will help one day many others to live more independently.