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Esteem for poems

A Child's Book of Poems FujikawaPoems can touch our hearts in a very subtle way.  Often we enjoy a poem without even knowing who wrote it.  Such is the case with popular music.

Poets aren’t as appreciated in our society as authors.  That makes public esteem given to every poet particularly important. A poet who receives esteem for his work can give this esteem back to other poets acknowledging their work.

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Esteem helps overcome life’s challenges

The life story of Christopher Nolan is touching.  He was born mute and quadriplegic.  As a child he could only communicate with his family through eye movements.  Doctors predicted that his brain would remain infantile throughout his life.

But Christopher Nolan and his family never lost confidence.  Thanks to the esteem he got from his family he overcame difficult circumstances and started to write poems.  His family’s acceptance and respect motivated Christopher to find his inner talent and life sense.

“My mind is like a spin-dryer at full speed, my thoughts fly around my skull while millions of beautiful words cascade down in my lap,” he once said in an interview.

Christopher Nolan died recently at home in Dublin, Ireland, but his sensitive and life-affirming poetry will remain,  His life is proof that even the most challenging life conditions can be overcome with esteem.

Telling stories about esteem

To make esteem more visible in our daily life we’ll frequently write little stories about esteem in daily life.  The stories are invented by us, but we hope that you can discover your own experiences in them.

Telling stories makes a concept more animated.  Our lives aren’t theories, they are stories.  Each of  us has his own stories – hopefully yours are good stories.

Our first little story goes like this:

Thomas, a ten year old boy, needed to do his math homework.  Being an imaginative young man, he becomes bored by the equations and looks out the window toward his favorite tree.  He loves to sit on one of its thick branches and to read books from the library.  In a journal he secretly writes about his life.  Often he writes poems to describe his feelings.

After a while, his mother comes into his room and asks him if he finished his homework.  He sighs and says no, so his mother sits on his side and helps him with the problems  He is so happy for her assistance with his homework that he tells her about his poems.  She immediately asks if she can hear them and is surprised how great they are.

Thomas is proud when he hears his mother speaking with so much esteem toward his poems.  Now he has the courage to write more because his talent is esteemed. 

When a young boy receives esteem for doing the things he loves, this gives him self-esteem.