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Rohm Positive Personality ProfilesDid you ever watch yourself when you speak about others?  The kind of how you speak about others and how you see others reveals more about yourself than about the persons.

How positively you see others is linked to how happy, kind-hearted and emotionally stable you are.  A person’s tendency to describe others in positive terms is an important indicator of the positivity of the person’s own personality traits.

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Choose gentle people as friends

We shouldn’t underestimate the impact friends have on us and our self-esteem.  With what kind of friends do you surround yourself?

When we choose gentle people as friends, deeply dedicated to humanity and kindness our self-esteem will bloom and strengthen while we’re together with our friends.  On the other hand, being together with frustrated , deeply unhappy and crude persons as friends makes us frustrated, unhappy and crude and therefore suffering from low self-esteem.

Gentle friends can be frustrated too in certain moments, but what constitutes their preciousness is that they can handle sad life moments in a balanced and mature way.  They don’t use frustrating moments to pull their friends down.

Being surrounded by good friends who have an uplifting impact on us can doubtlessly boost our self-esteem.  On the other hand we can be good friends for them by living an esteemful life with a positive attitude.