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Esteem for our family members

Whether you are a husband, wife, child or sibling, you live with your family each day.

Sometimes it’s easy to remember to give esteem toward strangers but forget to give esteem to persons who live with us.  We see them daily, we’re used to sharing our lives with them.  What we see daily we tend to take for granted.

Just imagine a life without one of your beloved family members and you realize how important they are for you.

Recently there was a story in the news of a family who lost their home through fire.  The teenage son told the story of how he escaped and, after a thoughtful moment, reflected that he wasn’t concerned about any “thing” that he lost.  It was more important for him that all of his family members were safe and alive.

Never take for granted the ones who live with you.  Everybody deserves esteem, even more so the ones who are closest to your heart.

Esteem is inherent to human life

Esteem is something everybody wants in his life.  Getting esteem is like fuel for our “motor” of life.  With esteem we feel motivated and encouraged to do what we do and to be who we are.

Esteem touches us deeply by giving utterance to our real being.  When we receive esteem we receive confirmation that we are precious and important.

Another aspect that makes esteem so essential is the fact that esteem persists.  Honest esteem doesn’t disappear the next day. 

We don’t need to prove each day to ourselves and other people that we deserve esteem.  Esteem is inherent to human life.

Esteem always encourages

When we break down the word “encouragement” we find the word “courage” in it.  Encouraging others means planting the seed of courage in their lives.

We can experience this by giving esteem.  Encouraging esteem can have the form of a heartening smile as well as  comforting words.  Esteem creates the feeling of being supported – by being accepted.

Giving esteem always means giving attention.  Just by receiving attention people feel themselves as being precious, which in turn causes them to be more self-sure about what they are and what they are doing.  Isn’t there any better expression of encouragement?  People who receive esteem receive courage for their own life, for their own personality.  Sometimes they need just a small sign of esteem to realize that they’re on the right way.

Through your esteem toward people you plant the seed of courage in them.

Spending an esteemful time together

Expressing esteem toward friends can sometimes be harder than showing it toward strangers.

There is a great way of showing esteem toward a friend that doesn’t require buying a thing:  schedule a special time for just the two of you. 

Take a walk, go to the beach, invite them over for coffee or just chat on the phone.

Your time and attention is the best gift you can give. 

Spending time with your friends shows them that they’re precious to you.  This is what esteem is about: recognizing the preciousness of the each single person.

Esteem for daily moments

Sometimes you may feel that the daily things aren’t as important or precious as the so-called “special moments”.  The special moments of life are certainly precious and we can acknowledge that.

It’s also important to remember that daily moments are precious too.  There is one simple way to help you remember to appreciate the seemingly ordinary moments: try to picture your life without them.

Giving esteem to such daily moments makes you more aware of the preciousness of life in general.  Moments don’t need to be huge and overwhelming to be acknowledged.  Small moments of daily contentment are equally precious and worthy of esteem.

Esteem can be planned

Even when esteem is most often spontaneous, we can still plan esteem.  You can remind yourself with a sticky on your mirror or near your coffeemaker to give an esteemful sign today.

Or, if you know that tomorrow you’ll be grocery shopping, remind yourself to give a smile to the store’s employees.  A cashier always appreciates a warm, friendly smile.

If you have a business meeting coming up, instead of focusing on the problems you might encounter, remind yourself simply to greet all the participants in a friendly way.

When you visit somebody who is sick or lonely, remind yourself to bring a small gift or flowers.  A little sign like this makes the other person feel precious.

Spontaneous expression of esteem is still the very best you can do, but it’s okay to give yourself a reminder every once in a while.

Esteem for life

Esteem can mean thankfulness as well as attention.  When we express esteem for life we means also thankfulness and attention for life.

Remembering that each day is a present makes the day precious.  It’s not like we have a guarantee of life.  We receive life as a present which makes us thankful and attentive toward life.

Esteem for life can mean that we wake up in the morning with the first thought: thank you for my life.  We give thankfulness and attention to our life – we give esteem for life.

Esteem makes people feel important

We may start our day with the honest thought of giving esteem as often as possible.  But sometimes it’s difficult to achieve because people are ill-tempered or because the situation isn’t right.

There is a little tip for making it easier to give esteem freely.  Picture the people you meet with a sign on their forehead that says: “Make me feel important”.

Giving esteem has exactly this effect on the people receiving it:  they feel important and precious.  It may sound strange but just noticing people gives them the impression that they’re important.  How much better is a smile or an acknowledging word! 

The contrary is true as well: everybody who is ignored feels himself unimportant.

The next time you have a hard time giving esteem just imagine this little forehead sign and it will help you to give them a sign of esteem.

Esteem for the youth

Young people are an important part of our society and should be given the opportunity to take on responsibility.  In order to be able to take responsibility for their actions young people need to get esteem.

We can give esteem ourselves toward young people by encouraging them to do good and by being an esteemful example.

Another way to give esteem toward youth can be found in the Global Youth Leadership Institute.  Their mission is to inspire socially responsible young people to develop their leadership abilities for communities through empathy and service for others.  Dynamic programs are offered for students and teachers on the topics of global pluralism and diversity, native American traditions, environmental awareness, school community partnerships, and the inner calls of teaching and learning.

One of their events takes place in New Mexico from July 15-20, 2009.  Students entering 11th grade can learn to develop a personal leadership vision through the guidance of a native elder.  A primary goal is discovering the self-sufficiency of a life close to nature.

Events like these give young people the feeling of being precious – an important impact esteem can create.  As a response these young persons will be able to give esteem toward the people they meet throughout their life.


Esteem for “Building the Hogan”

Showing esteem toward others means that we share what we know.  Shared knowledge is precious and gives everybody a feeling of acknowledgment.

Our newest member of the Sikantis Network is where we want to share our knowledge and personal experiences with you.  Building the Hogan presents our path toward a more sustainable life by building a natural home, employing alternative energy, rain-water harvesting, creating an organic garden and many other topics.

In Building the Hogan we’ll give esteem toward people who have shared their knowledge and we’ll give esteem toward everyone who feels encouraged to follow the same path.