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Esteem for your job

It may sound strange to say that we give esteem toward our own job.  In fact it’s a great thing to do if for no other reason than for our own self-confidence.

First of all it doesn’t matter how much you like your job.  You can still find many reasons to offer esteem for the product or service you provide. 

Of course, it’s always best if you can love your job.  In this case it’s even easier to give esteem because you perceive the preciousness of your work.

In any case, giving esteem toward your job creates this feeling of preciousness.  We can test this feeling by picturing how it would be for us to not have our job anymore.  What would we miss?  What are the good moments we like?

When we’re able to give esteem toward our job it will radiate a feeling of contentment for ourselves and those around us.  This esteem could eventually bring us closer to our job, motivate us to do our work better and to have more joy in doing it.

Esteem for Hubble team

Today we want to give esteem toward a group of people with a very specialized profession – astronauts.

Just a small number of people pursue the profession of an astronaut.  Because the rigors of being an astronaut are so demanding the choice of this profession represents a strong will and multiple talents.

Last week NASA’s  Hubble team installed new high-tech instruments in the Hubble Space Telescopes during several spectacular spacewalks.

It took these astronauts many years of preparation to get to the point of fulfilling such a special task.

We can give easily esteem toward the Hubble team as well as toward all astronauts for their extraordinary talents, perseverance and service for science and humanity.

Which is the best job in the world?

The media is filled with articles about Ben Southall who won a competition called the “best job in the world”.

According to the competition, there is only one “best job in the world”.   The job in question consists of living on the tropical Hamilton Island for six months and writing a daily blog to promote the area.

There are some who might argue with the notion that a south-seas blogging gig is the best job in the world.  If you love what you’re doing and get esteem for your work, then you already have the best job in the world.

As many people as there are with as many talents and interests there is no job in the world which could be called the best in general.   While some people might consider an island a paradise, others might consider it as boring.

The best job in the world is always the one each of us loves to do the most with strong enthusiasm and honest esteem.

Teacher Appreciation Day

How do you show esteem toward your teacher or the teacher of your children?

All too often that we want to live an esteemful life but we overlook the people who are essential parts of our daily life.

Today we are reminded of giving esteem toward the teachers because it’s Teacher Appreciation Day, just a part of Teacher Appreciation Week.  The goal is to give esteem to the teachers who work so hard for the education of our youth.

Giving esteem toward teachers shows them that their work and dedication is appreciated.


Esteem for road maintenance crew

After writing about people who sometimes work in thankless jobs such as nurses and mailmen we take a look at another group of under-appreciated men and women: road maintenance workers.

Most of us who drive admit that we sometimes don’t have very positive thoughts towards road maintenance workers because they often delay our travels.

A public sign of esteem was given on April 1, 2009 at Stanford by the Department of Buildings and Grounds.  The 2009 Grounds Annual Customer Service Award was given to Stanford’s road maintenance crew.

A simple sign of esteem which we can all give is to simply be patient.  Give workers plenty of room as you drive by and slow down.  A smile and a wave is a great sign of esteem for their work.

Esteem for rural labor

Sometimes it takes an ecological crisis to focus our attention toward rural labor.  Farming and ranching is one of the foundations of our society.  We need people who want to be employed in rural labor.  These people need our esteem.

Japan has its own expression for people who want to work on farms: Inaka-de-hatarakitai – meaning “we want to work in the countryside”.

For Japan this movement has grown out of recession.  People in search of jobs can often find it with farmers needing helping hands.

It’s important to give esteem toward rural labor as well as toward any other labor.  Each profession is precious for our society even when the labor doesn’t occur in front of our eyes.


Esteem for engineers

In some countries esteem for engineers is low, such as it seems to be currently in Great Britain.

In fact the profession of engineers embraces a multitude of disciplines such as mathematics, dynamics, electronics, materials, structures and many others.  Engineers apply the principles of science and mathematics to develop practical solutions to technical problems.  We couldn’t imagine our society and technology without the work of engineers.

Engineers create the new products that make our lives more efficient – such as robots and other advanced systems.  They work in many areas, including; aerospace, agriculture, biomedicine and chemicals – the list is long.

Engineering as a profession deserves our esteem and thankfulness as do the engineers.


Esteem for nurses

The nursing profession has much to offer those who pursue it as a career.   Often it’s just the satisfaction of helping and serving in a position vital to a community.

The demands of the job are many and varied.  Patience, understanding, calmness, friendliness and not the least of all, extensive medical knowledge.

Often patients fail to give esteem toward nurses and their precious work because they are distracted by pain, fear and maybe even money concerns.

This lack of acknowledgement can create difficult moments for nurses.  Many nurses who leave the field cite this lack of esteem as a primary reason.

Having uplifting work, and the esteem of those whom they serve is a recipe for building strong self-esteem and ultimately happiness.


Esteem of the differences – a story

Lara calls herself a “one-woman-management-company”.  She is a happy wife and proud mother of a little girl.  She loves to organize the family life.  Her home is her treasure and working place.

One day Lara and her husband are invited to a dinner party by one of his colleagues.  Lara is excited.  She prepares herself with care and is looking forward to seeing her husband’s colleagues  again.

At the party she notices a very fashionably styled woman who appears to be a very successful business woman.  She thinks about her own life and compares herself with this woman.  The comparison isn’t flattering, she thinks.  Her husband asks her the reason for her sad expression and she tells him her thoughts. 

He encourages her and says: you can’t compare yourself with anybody.  You are unique, beautiful and successful.  I love you just as you are.

Lara is satisfied to get the esteem of her husband.  When the business woman approaches her and smugly asks what she is working on, Lara answers proudly: I run a very successful family business. 

Meteorologists get less esteem?

This is a quite interesting question. I would like to ask this to everybody: is your profession esteemed highly or not?

Let’s take for example the profession of the weather forecaster or meteorologists. Is this profession highly esteemed in our society? I think many people would say no, because if they get the weather forecast right nobody remembers it.  If they get the forecast wrong nobody forgets it.

We can be happy that there are still some people making this job, in spite of it’s low esteem, because the world and the society would be poorer without it.