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Centenarians have strong esteem for life

The Wisdom of CentenariansIn Germany the number of the centenarians has more than doubled within the last 15 years. The fact that these centenarians today are spiritually and physically fitter than those of former generations, is found by a representative investigation of researchers of the university of Heidelberg which they made with people at the age of 100 years in and around Heidelberg.

The study showed a comprehensive picture of centenarians and their life situation. It appears that psychological strengths such as will to live, meaning of life and optimism are more important for a high quality of life and inner contentment than performance ability or health.

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Green spaces for quality of life

Researchers at Texas State University surveyed students about their use of green spaces on campus.

The result is not surprising.  Students who enjoy green spaces on campus experience an enhanced quality of life.

Even more, researchers proved that students using green spaces more frequently rated their ability to learn as higher than students who spend less time in the green.

Having a high quality of life strengthens students’ self-esteem and makes a great impact on their learning results.