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How to handle shame and humiliation

Shame humiliation unashamed CaineThere are moments in life where we experience shame or humiliation.  Whether they happen to us as children or adults, we can’t escape these experiences.

But we can decide how we handle moments of shame and humiliation.

The first step toward dealing with these life situations is to recognize and acknowledge them as they happen.

Sometimes the source comes from the outside, where another causes our pain and sometimes the reason is within us, a recollection of past experiences.

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Fashion and self-esteem

Prendergast In touchAre you thinking about the summer fashions you want to buy when money is an issue? Each season new fashion trends are rolled out to meet our presumed need of change and a new look.  If you look closely fashion trends are speaking to you about our economic situation, they show the society’s beauty dictate.

I want to suggest to you something which isn’t new or sensational but effective and very calming.

Trust yourself, trust your self-esteem and even your loved ones.  You don’t need to be caught up in one-season trends because you’ll radiate self-sureness and happiness with your clothes.

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Esteem can change lives

Esteem can change lives – you can change yours by integrating esteem into your life and change the lives of others by giving them esteem.

How is it possible that esteem can have such a huge impact?

First let’s be aware that we are responsible for each change we make in our life.  It’s always us making the decisions and therefore our changes.

It may follow to assume that an esteemful action made a change in someone else’s life.  But in fact esteem just prepares the way for possible changes.  Esteem opens a door which was always there in the people but covered by insecurity.

Receiving esteem makes people feel good about themselves.  They feel understood and acknowledged as a person.   This feeling is the ground on which changes can happen.

Next time when you give esteem freely remember the positive impact your little smile could have on the others.