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Self-esteem is beautifying

Self-esteem tends to beautify us and our life.

We can confirm this statement when we picture those people who have a strong self-esteem.  Don’t they smile often and always seem to be happy?  These are the people we like to be around because they radiate serenity.  In their eyes we recognize a mellow beauty which attracts us to them.

We recognize somebody as beautiful who emanates patience, calmness and empathy.  We perceive beauty when we receive esteem from these people.

Self-esteem and beauty have a strong connection.  Having a strong self-esteem makes people look and behave beautiful.  This radiant kind of beauty has nothing to do with an artificially created beauty which has only an emptiness behind it.

Real beauty is always perceived by seeing and feeling, the same as with a strong self-esteem.

Esteem means clearing out our minds

When we integrate esteem in our life we experience an inner calmness which we also call serenity.

To be able to reach serenity we need to clear out our minds.  In fact it’s like clearing out our homes from clutter.  The clutter in our homes shows that we can’t let go of things.  We collect them and we bind ourselves to them.

In our mind we do the same, we can’t let go thoughts, memories, habits and attitudes.

Just by letting go of one binding thought we immediately feel freedom and calmness.  This small step makes us open enough to allow esteem to enter in our life.  And even better: the more we live esteem, the more we are able to clear out our mind and live a life in calmness and serenity.


Recipe for esteem

Preparing an esteem recipe is easy and you’ll enjoy a real treat.

It’s best to start preparing esteem in the morning so you can enjoy it the whole day.

Immediately after waking up put one tablespoon of gratefulness, 1/2 tablespoon gentleness and two tablespoons joy together.  Fold them into friendly thoughts until well blended.  Add a little cordiality and a pinch of forgiveness.  Then add two cups warm love and one cup good-mindedness.  Mix these ingredients carefully and set it aside. 

In the meantime take one cup serenity and 1/2 cup peacefulness. Stir it with a harmony spoon until it’s smooth.  Then add three tablespoon laughter and two tablespoon patience and if you want and according to your daily mood a pinch of euphoria.

Merge the first bowl tenderly with the second.  Let it stand while you begin your day.  No cooking is required.  The ingredients provide their own warmth.

Now, enjoy a spoonful of esteem throughout the day!


Esteem and serenity

It’s Sunday, and that means it’s again time for some philosophical thoughts around esteem. 

Today, when I was writing another article,  I was looking for the opposite word for anger.   I found a lot of suggestions in Microsoft word like, peaceful, calm, cool, quiet, but it seems to be difficult to find exactly the right antonym.  I searched online to see what others were using.  Is it “self-control”, “joy”, “tolerance” or is it more like forgiveness?

After looking at what others had to say, I decided the best word is “serenity”.  Just like esteem serenity embraces a lot of feelings – even more than I listed above.  In fact, when I went through all of the words, I found each of them express a particular kind of esteem.

Serenity means evenness of temperament which you develop by having a stable self-esteem.  You know how good and precious you are, you don’t need anybody to tell it to you.  You just are you, this is enough and a lot.

Serenity means cheerfulness which you feel by getting esteem for your actions, for your abilities, just for being here.  Your serenity makes others cheerful too, a wonderful circle.

Serenity means calmness which you emanate because you know that everybody is precious, everybody is giving his and her best, everybody just wants to get esteem.

Living esteem strengthens your self-esteem and makes you able to include serenity in your daily life.