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Nobel Prize, a strong Sign of Esteem

Nobel Price Burton FeldmanIf you visited the Nobel Prize website in November you noticed that almost each day a new Nobel Prize winner was announced.

There is hardly another prize which draws more public attention to itself and embraces so many parts of society, art and science like the Nobel Prize.

Each year we like to follow the announcements of new winners and mention them when we can.

The prize is a huge public sign of esteem for work that is most often the result of lifelong dedication.

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World Smile Day

Harvey Ball, a commercial artist from Worcester, MA and creator of the smiley face in 1963, started World Smile Day 10 years ago.

His goal was that people would dedicate a whole day to smiles and kind acts throughout the world.  He noted that the smiley face knows no politics, no geography and no religion and at least one day each year neither should we.

One of the easiest signs of esteem is a smile.  A simple smile gives people a feeling of being noticed and appreciated.  You can’t smile open-heartedly and have negative thoughts.  Smiling creates happiness in the receivers as well as the givers.

Today, on World Smile Day, we can give away our smile even more freely than on other days.  When we experience the positive impact of this powerful but simple sign of esteem we won’t stop smiling all the other days of the year.


Industry Appreciation Awards

Industry is an important part of our society.  The engine of an economy is it’s production capabilities.

The annual Industry Appreciation Awards of Southwest Florida celebrate the accomplishments of local businesses.

Seventeen businesses were recognized in these eight various categories:

  • Aviation, Aerospace, Defense and National Security
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Health Sciences & Human Performance
  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Renewable Energy
  • Research & Engineering
  • Transportation & Logistics

The honored businesses will feel motivated by having received this genuine sign of esteem.

Giving public esteem toward industry is a great reminder for us to acknowledge efforts which are vital to society.

How to give esteem to fire fighters

The Olive Garden Restaurants each year honor local workers on Labor Day.  This year, the 8th year the company has held the event, firefighters were honored with a free meal.

All 685 Olive Gardens in the U.S. took part in this special day by saying thank you to fireman for protecting local communities.

Pete Counseller, Lieutenant for the East Lansing Fire Department, expressed his gratitude for this great sign of esteem with these words: “While often you feel like you’re maybe not appreciated in the verbal sense, people are thinking about you, we are here 24/7 and ready to respond to the city of East Lansing and their emergencies.”

There are numerous ways to express esteem.  Olive Garden’s way is a great public sign which can motivate all of us to find creative ways to give esteem.

Esteem for our 100,000th visitor of 2009

This week we logged the 100,000th visitor to our Sikantis network in 2009.  We don’t know the exact location of this visitor because we don’t do that sort of tracking. We do know that our visitors come from all over the world.

If you’ve visited us in the past week, it may have be you!  We thank you, as we thank all of the visitors to our network.

Thank you for your interest in our daily posts covering esteem, positive news, innovative technologies, Building the Hogan and the Society of esteem.

We invite you to continue visiting us.  Our efforts to give you information and joy is our sign of esteem toward you, our reader.

Esteem makes people feel important

We may start our day with the honest thought of giving esteem as often as possible.  But sometimes it’s difficult to achieve because people are ill-tempered or because the situation isn’t right.

There is a little tip for making it easier to give esteem freely.  Picture the people you meet with a sign on their forehead that says: “Make me feel important”.

Giving esteem has exactly this effect on the people receiving it:  they feel important and precious.  It may sound strange but just noticing people gives them the impression that they’re important.  How much better is a smile or an acknowledging word! 

The contrary is true as well: everybody who is ignored feels himself unimportant.

The next time you have a hard time giving esteem just imagine this little forehead sign and it will help you to give them a sign of esteem.

Esteem for our environment

We can express esteem toward our environment by speaking out and becoming active on behalf of the environment.

One great example for giving esteem toward our environment was demonstrated recently in Kern River Valley, California.


At the Sequoia Tree Planting Trail Appreciation Day volunteers worked together with forest and wildlife specialists to speed reforestation after the McNally Wildfire.  More than 30 people, often entire families, helped by planting tree seedlings and brushing trails.

Actions like this are a huge public sign of esteem.  It shows that people take care of their environment and most of all take their responsibility to do something to express their esteem.