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Self-esteem and stillness

Eckart Tolle Stillness speaksPeople can speak nonstop for hours – with themselves.  They speak with themselves even when they are working, engaged in athletics or just playing around.  There is almost no moment without this inner monologue.

Sometimes they become aware of their inner voice and listen to its endless stream of words.  Most often though they unconsciously turn daily problems over and over in their mind.

Are these inner monologues known to you?

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Self-esteem and calm moments

We are surrounded by noises of all kinds; traffic, conversations, construction, TV and cell phones.  These noises fill our ears and even our thoughts.  Often we don’t consciously hear the noises around us, but we can be sure they are reaching us.

We can find out how much we are exposed to noise when we try to find a calm moment.  These calm moments are most often anything but calm because then finally our thoughts can fly freely and we can speak to ourselves.  But we also need real quiet moments without thoughts.

Self-esteem needs silence.  Finding ourselves requires silence, outer silence and inner silence.  More than ever we need to get silent moments in our daily life.  Only in these moments we can let grow our self-esteem and self-confidence.