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Smile is the best communication

Manecke Smile and Succeed for TeensAccording to a new study researchers found that when mothers look at their babies it activates certain parts of the brain known to be activated by other positive acts such as finding food or a mate.  Researchers call this an “evolutionary survival” effect. Most mothers admit that seeing their smiling babies has an addictive effect on them.  They want to see it over and over again because it makes them happy.

It’s great that science can prove this connection between happy motherhood and smiling babies. Smiles are important to every age though.

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Esteem always encourages

When we break down the word “encouragement” we find the word “courage” in it.  Encouraging others means planting the seed of courage in their lives.

We can experience this by giving esteem.  Encouraging esteem can have the form of a heartening smile as well as  comforting words.  Esteem creates the feeling of being supported – by being accepted.

Giving esteem always means giving attention.  Just by receiving attention people feel themselves as being precious, which in turn causes them to be more self-sure about what they are and what they are doing.  Isn’t there any better expression of encouragement?  People who receive esteem receive courage for their own life, for their own personality.  Sometimes they need just a small sign of esteem to realize that they’re on the right way.

Through your esteem toward people you plant the seed of courage in them.

World Smile Day

Harvey Ball, a commercial artist from Worcester, MA and creator of the smiley face in 1963, started World Smile Day 10 years ago.

His goal was that people would dedicate a whole day to smiles and kind acts throughout the world.  He noted that the smiley face knows no politics, no geography and no religion and at least one day each year neither should we.

One of the easiest signs of esteem is a smile.  A simple smile gives people a feeling of being noticed and appreciated.  You can’t smile open-heartedly and have negative thoughts.  Smiling creates happiness in the receivers as well as the givers.

Today, on World Smile Day, we can give away our smile even more freely than on other days.  When we experience the positive impact of this powerful but simple sign of esteem we won’t stop smiling all the other days of the year.


Esteem for museum employees

Visiting the outstanding museums in Washington D.C. we witnessed how patient and friendly Smithsonian museum employees are toward visitors. 

To work in a museum is an inconspicuous service job.  Most visitors hardly notice they are there until they need something.

But without these workers it wouldn’t be possible to enjoy a museum as calmly and securely as we do.

Museum employees deserve esteem for their work and dedication.  They help us with directions and information about the exhibition.  We can thank them with words and a smile. 

We can express our esteem toward their presence and work with a friendly greeting.

By greeting you give esteem

When we think of how we can express esteem in our daily life we can overlook the simplest ways to do it.  Smiling at people we meet throughout our day is one simple sign of esteem.  Another is to greet the people we meet.

Greeting is a strong sign to show that we “see” a person.  It creates the feeling in them that they are acknowledged in a very essential way.  When we greet someone we take notice of them.

You can grasp the the importance of this esteemful sign when you imagine being among people who don’t take notice of you.  It makes you feel invisible and unacknowledged.

Greeting shows an acknowledgment of being here and is a wonderful way to show esteem toward people.

Esteem can be planned

Even when esteem is most often spontaneous, we can still plan esteem.  You can remind yourself with a sticky on your mirror or near your coffeemaker to give an esteemful sign today.

Or, if you know that tomorrow you’ll be grocery shopping, remind yourself to give a smile to the store’s employees.  A cashier always appreciates a warm, friendly smile.

If you have a business meeting coming up, instead of focusing on the problems you might encounter, remind yourself simply to greet all the participants in a friendly way.

When you visit somebody who is sick or lonely, remind yourself to bring a small gift or flowers.  A little sign like this makes the other person feel precious.

Spontaneous expression of esteem is still the very best you can do, but it’s okay to give yourself a reminder every once in a while.

Esteem is always you

We could find hundreds of tips on how to express esteem.  But truly we have to recognize that it’s always our own expression when we give esteem.  It’s our unique personality and our unique way of putting an acknowledgment into words.

Receiving tips about esteem is the same as getting advice.  As long as we take them as general help we can use it in our own way – for our own unique life situation.

Giving esteem should always come from you because it would otherwise feel artificial.  To express esteem genuinely and honestly we need to give it through our own personality.

With this in mind, take a tip of smiling as a sign of esteem and make it your own – unique and personal.


Esteem remembers and forgets

Always give with forgetting and always receive with remembering.  This could be a slogan for esteem as we experience it in our daily life.  When we follow this slogan we’re on the right path toward living esteem genuinely.

When we give esteem, such as a smile, we just do it without needing a response.  We don’t stand in silence waiting for a reciprocal smile.  We just give esteem and are content with giving it.  We give and forget.

When we receive esteem, such as a smile, we can decide just to accept it without a reaction or a smile back.  But receiving genuine esteem strongly pushes us toward giving the smile back.  We receive and we remember.

Esteem is a mutual act of giving and receiving but also of forgetting and remembering.

Esteem makes people feel important

We may start our day with the honest thought of giving esteem as often as possible.  But sometimes it’s difficult to achieve because people are ill-tempered or because the situation isn’t right.

There is a little tip for making it easier to give esteem freely.  Picture the people you meet with a sign on their forehead that says: “Make me feel important”.

Giving esteem has exactly this effect on the people receiving it:  they feel important and precious.  It may sound strange but just noticing people gives them the impression that they’re important.  How much better is a smile or an acknowledging word! 

The contrary is true as well: everybody who is ignored feels himself unimportant.

The next time you have a hard time giving esteem just imagine this little forehead sign and it will help you to give them a sign of esteem.