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Esteem for nurses

The nursing profession has much to offer those who pursue it as a career.   Often it’s just the satisfaction of helping and serving in a position vital to a community.

The demands of the job are many and varied.  Patience, understanding, calmness, friendliness and not the least of all, extensive medical knowledge.

Often patients fail to give esteem toward nurses and their precious work because they are distracted by pain, fear and maybe even money concerns.

This lack of acknowledgement can create difficult moments for nurses.  Many nurses who leave the field cite this lack of esteem as a primary reason.

Having uplifting work, and the esteem of those whom they serve is a recipe for building strong self-esteem and ultimately happiness.


Top 5 steps on the path for living esteem

Esteem in our daily life is very important.   We made our own practical “To-Do-List” of the top 5 steps leading toward a life with esteem.  Here are the five basic steps with which we can realize esteem in our life.

Step 1: Building up self-esteem.

Self-esteem means basically our thoughts about ourselves and not the thoughts and opinions of others.  Self-esteem is another word for self-confidence and self-trust.  I had to honestly ask myself “What is your self-trust?  How self-confident am I?  In order to answer those questions I had to examine the source of my self-esteem.

I started by asking what kind of pictures I held of myself.  It’s important that you realize the first pictures you get are most of all measured, rated and judged.  I threw out the images of what somebody else told me about myself.  To realize real self-esteem you have to forget these outer judgments.  This is how we grew up, how we learned it.  We all do the same way at first.  But at some point It’s time to correct these outer opinions and discover our true self-esteem.  It’s a dialog that’s only within you.

I took inventory of myself and sincerely asked: Where am I good?  Which are the activities I really like to do?  I didn’t waste time worrying if they were “reasonable”, “unpractical” or whatever judgment I could give.  Forget evaluations.  It’s all about experiences, inner personal thoughts, unique talents, just as they are without any valuation.

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