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Esteem doesn’t look away

Don't look away helping handThere are moments in life when we come face to face with people who’ve suffered a disastrous situation.

For some of us it may be difficult to act appropriately.

Lived esteem gives us the courage to help in ways that we are able during these difficult moments.

When we integrate esteem into our daily life we’re already used to living respect.

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Esteem and solidarity in Aquila, Italy

Last week, Italy experinced a devastating earthquake.  The town of Aquila suffered the worst of the destruction and loss of life.  In awful moments like this, incredible solidarity rises out of the rubble.

In the very first moments after the temblor struck Aquila the only help for victims would come from the citizens themselves.

An esteemful reaction in such terrible situations is solidarity.  The citizens of Aquila showed esteem and solidarity toward their fellow men by forgetting their own personal safety and helping others to get out of the collapsed buildings.

Among all the darkness and tragedy esteem gave a small but important light of solidarity and mutual support.

Solidarity in Relay for Life

Relay for Life, an activity of the American Cancer Society is a wonderful sign to show our solidarity with all patients suffering from cancer.

In all of the 50 States there are annual events. Each community organizes an event for collecting much-needed money to help bolster the research for curing cancer.

This weekend Noblesville, Indiana organized their first Relay for Life.  The result were stunning.  Their initial goal of $35,000 was easily bested.  By Sunday evening they collected over $58,000 for the American Cancer Society.

People who come together to show their respect and esteem toward patients suffering from cancer can realize a very impressive achievement.  The Relay for Life is such a sign of esteem..

Every one of us is capable of showing esteem in multiple ways, all of them important.  By being in a group with other people who are thinking and showing the same esteem is many times more powerful.