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Esteem for an extraordinary athlete

Texas high school student Bonnie Richardson is once more the best small high school track team in Texas.

Yes, you’ve read right, the best track team is one girl.

Bonnie Richardson won the Class A girls team state title last Saturday by herself beating 56 other schools.  Bonnie is the only member of the Rochelle High School track team.

Last year Bonnie became the first girl in state history to win a team title solo.

Her achievement is even more amazing when you look at how she had to train.  The Rochelle High School is so small that it has no proper track for Richardson.  She had to run on a path of hard rutted , soil.   Rochelle administrators were amused when other track coaches in the state asked about the “caliche path” track.  Her coach suggested that they probably shouldn’t make the switch.

Bonnie Richardson is an extraordinary athlete who deserves esteem.

Teenager gives esteem to the former president

Nineteen-year-old Patrick Bibb experienced what can happen when people give esteem in an unexpected way.

He lives in the neighborhood of former president George W. Bush and decided to give his new neighbors a sign of esteem.  He decided to sell “Welcome Home George & Laura” signs to people all over Bush’s neighborhood in Dallas, TX.

It was a sign of esteem toward a new neighbor who just happened to be the former president.  Patrick Bibb received esteem back when the George W. Bush called him on his cell phone to thank him for his action.

Even when genuine esteem is given without expectations, you’ll find it usually comes back.

Esteem for National Geographic Bee winner Eric Yang

Eric Yang, 13, from The Colony, TX is the nation’s top geography whiz of 2009.  Each year the National Geographic Bee in Washington honors one young winning student with a $25,000 scholarship.

Eric’s mother proudly explained her son’s success: “Curiosity is a major part of Eric.  He reads everything from history books to cookbooks to learn about other places and cultures”.

Eric’s curiosity leads him toward esteem for other cultures.  National Geographic gives him esteem for his studiousness by encouraging him to learn more about other cultures.

Knowledge and understanding are the most important basis for worldwide mutual esteem.

Teacher Appreciation Day

How do you show esteem toward your teacher or the teacher of your children?

All too often that we want to live an esteemful life but we overlook the people who are essential parts of our daily life.

Today we are reminded of giving esteem toward the teachers because it’s Teacher Appreciation Day, just a part of Teacher Appreciation Week.  The goal is to give esteem to the teachers who work so hard for the education of our youth.

Giving esteem toward teachers shows them that their work and dedication is appreciated.


Mutual esteem between mentor and student

Most often learning means a teacher is giving and a student is receiving.

The life story of the Irish fiddlers Martin Wynne and his student Brian Conway demonstrates mutual giving and receiving.  Both give and receive esteem mutually.

Wynne, an accomplished fiddler, lived alone and forgotten in New York.  By chance he one day met 10-year-old Brian.  The young man showed promising talent as a fiddler.

Wynne accepted Brian as his first and only student.  He rediscovered his life’s passion of music through his associate with Brian’s family.  For his part, Brian found Wynne to be the best teacher he could have had.  As an adult, Brian became one of the world’s top Irish fiddlers.

Mutual esteem brought to both, mentor and student, the experience of being precious and important.  Wynne died in 1998, but Brian Conway carries on Wynne’s heritage by teaching traditional Irish fiddling to his own students.

Lowering the legal drinking age

The legal age for drinking alcohol is 21 in the U.S.  There are discussions that lowering this age would encourage college students to drink less because it would reduce the attraction for underage drinkers.

In Europe the legal age for drinking alcohol is 18.  In certain countries even teenagers of 16 can drink beer.  Studies show that students aren’t drinking markedly less alcohol in Europe.

The basic thought of making students drink less alcohol could be more a matter of esteem or lack of esteem.

Why are young people drinking too much alcohol?   One reason may be that young people try to get esteem of the group they want to belong to.  If they had a strong self-esteem they don’t need to do certain things such as drink alcohol to get esteem.

Students with a healthy self-esteem are easier able to develop a responsible handling with alcohol.  Everybody can help them just by giving esteem.

Acts of kindness

In Fremont, California each year nine schools, two art centers and one elementary school join in the initiative “Acts of Kindness”.

The student participants record numerous acts of kindness, totaling them from October to April.  The students with the most acts of kindness, receive a trophy.

Acts of kindness range from walking a neighbor’s dog to helping the parents around the house.

Acts of kindness can also be acts of esteem as long as they are honest and respectful.  The people receiving the acts of kindness feel immediately if this act is carried by real esteem for them.

An initiative like this is a great opportunity for young people to experience how they can make others happy with simple acts of kindness.  At the same time it’s important to show esteem while being kind – being kind means also being esteeming.

Golden Apple Award for teachers

Each year The Golden Apple Foundation honors Chicago-area teachers for their exceptional abilities with the Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching.

This year 41-year-old Brooke Tippett Thompson was one of the award winning teachers.  She teaches music at the Peirce Elementary School.  Her fellow teachers, students and parents nominated her for this award.  Isn’t this the best sign that a teacher truly achieves the goal of his or her profession?

A devoted teacher gives esteem first of all toward the students, patiently supporting them in their abilities, but also toward the fellow teachers as an always appreciative colleague and toward the parents as deeply understanding contact person at school.

Esteem in education is one of the most important areas in life.  If children get esteem through their school years they’ll give esteem in later life to other people.

This Golden Apple Award for teaching excellence helps to motivate them in realizing esteem in school and life.