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Success with a positive attitude

Napoleon Hill SuccessWhat is it about success that makes everybody want to have it?

Let’s take a look at the moments in our life where we experienced success.  It can be success in our job, in a relationship, in hobby or sport – wherever we achieved success it was just a great feeling.  We want to repeat it as often as possible.

In our search for this repeat-craving life moment we ask ourselves: what positive feeling do we exactly experience when we achieve success?

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Esteem for an NFL football coach

Whenever you read something about NFL football coaches it’s most often all about their win/loss record or the mistakes they’ve make.

For some, the spotlight never shines brighter than when their career comes to an end.

Tony Dungy, head coach in NFL for 13 seasons, 6 in Tampa Bay and 7 in Indianapolis, is currently in the latter spotlight.

On Monday, Dungy retired his position as head coach of the Colts.   He will be remembered by fans as a successful leader on the field,  but also by those who know him for his devotion to family and faith.

“Simply, his NFL legacy will be that he won football games the right way. He won them while maintaining his humanity,” Bob Kravitz writes in the Indianapolis Star.

Coaches like Dungy receive esteem not just for their career as a coach, but for the way they represent themselves in life.


Imperfection is inherent to each human being

“Imperfection is inherent to each human being”.  Isn’t this a calming thought?  We don’t need to be perfect because being imperfect is part of mankind.  But this doesn’t mean we should settle back and relax.  There is something at work in us pushing again and again to improve ourselves – it’s called self-esteem.

When we’re honest we perceive that despite being imperfect we can always move forward.

There are two encouraging ways to look at our imperfection:

The most obvious happens when we make mistakes.  We say something inappropriate or do something wrong because we’re distracted, tired or focused on ourselves.

The other side of imperfection occurs when we achieve a goal.  Sounds illogical?  It isn’t really.  After having completed a goal successfully we first feel satisfaction and pride, but almost immediately we feel the urge to move on.  Success makes us move on, do better, improve ourselves.

With high self-esteem we can allow ourselves to be imperfect.  Self-esteem supports us when we make mistakes by encouraging us to do it better next time.  It’s also a sign of a healthy self-esteem when after having had success we feel that our imperfection pushes us toward new goals.