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Esteem for Switzerland

Swiss Watching book about SwitzerlandIt’s not difficult to give esteem to a country like Switzerland. For me it isn’t. I was born in Switzerland and lived there most of my years. At first glance it seems obvious that somebody gives esteem to his home country.

But by knowing the country and its people so well, it might just be the opposite. Well, it isn’t. I give easily and full-heartedly esteem to Switzerland and invite you to discover this country so you can give esteem too.

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Roger Federer and esteem in sport

Playing at the Monte Carlo Masters  Swiss tennis star Roger Federer showed again that he recovered his form – even when he had to struggle for it.

Roger Federer is a likeable sportsman.  He isn’t only a winning machine without emotions. He has his ups and downs, which means he is honest with himself.  He can loose his form, but at the same time he is a born fighter.

Sportsmen like Roger Federer attract sympathy because they emanate sympathy.  We can replace the word sympathy with esteem because it’s esteem what we get and what we give.

When we see sportsmen like him playing tennis it’s a joy to watch the sport and I believe it’s fun for the athletes who perform it.