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What kind of success do you want for yourself?

Everybody wants to have success in life.  To be able to realize success in our life it’s important to know what success means to us.

Success has two sides.  One side is the result of success.  It’s what we all ultimately want by wishing success: esteem, recognition and acknowledgment.

The other side is success in what we’re doing.  This part of success is individually different because it depends on our talents.

The stronger our self-esteem, the more we know who we are and in what we’re really good.

With a strong self-esteem we don’t need to look at other people’s life to find out what success means.  We know our abilities and talents and therefore we know what kind of success we want for ourselves.  This path leads us to truly fulfilling success in life.

Esteem for glassblowers

We recently visited the Simon Pearce glass factory in Quechee, Vermont. In addition to seeing a variety of beautiful dishware and pottery we were able to watch the glassblowers at work.   Most impressive is the ease with which the glassblowers created their glassware.

Glassblowers handle the molten liquid glass with such skill that it was fun just watching them work.

The path to become a glassblower is long and requires a steady hand.  A glass artisan must have a creative mind, an extraordinary eye and unique talent.  Glassblowers at Simon Pierce receive esteem from all the visitors to the workshops.  At the same time it’s visible that they give themselves esteem by having fun at their jobs.

Glassblowers deserve our esteem and remind us of the fine work and skillful hands that go into each glass we hold.

Be inspired – the right way

It’s easy to fall into the habit of constantly comparing ourselves with others.  This eternal comparing can be destructive for our self-esteem because it leads us away from ourselves.

Every single person is a unique personality with their own talents.  How can you compare two beings that are unique?

There are moments in life where it’s helpful to learn how other people handle life’s challenges.  We can choose to emulate them as our model.

We can still maintain our own personality while learning from the experience of others and applying that knowledge to our own life.

Inspiring examples can help encourage our self-esteem.

Esteem for KidStar

Giving children esteem is a very thankful act because it boosts their self-confidence and opens them up to their talents.  KidStar is one of numerous programs that gives children esteem and helps them to find their unique talents.

KidStar is a federally certified non-profit program giving children the opportunity to run their own radio stations within their schools.

Already over 3,000 students have participated in this program.  Since the stations are web-based they can broadcast not only in the school area but around the country and even around the globe.

It’s a great opportunity for 5th and 6th graders to discover how a real radio station might work and to discover their own creativity and talent.

KidStar is a great program giving esteem toward children.


A story about esteem

When we speak about esteem it’s sometimes difficult to find the right words to express the core meaning of esteem.  Sometimes it’s easier to speak about esteem by telling a story.

We found a video which describes the importance of esteem and self-esteem.  It’s actually an advertisement for a consumer products company but it touches many important experiences concerning esteem.

There are two important messages in this video.  One is that we shouldn’t compare ourselves with others because every single person has his own talents and personality.  The other message tells us that we can find esteem at unexpected places from unexpected people who can make us strong enough to fulfill our wishes.

The strength of esteem is often underestimated.  But it really can change lives.


Esteem for Hubble team

Today we want to give esteem toward a group of people with a very specialized profession – astronauts.

Just a small number of people pursue the profession of an astronaut.  Because the rigors of being an astronaut are so demanding the choice of this profession represents a strong will and multiple talents.

Last week NASA’s  Hubble team installed new high-tech instruments in the Hubble Space Telescopes during several spectacular spacewalks.

It took these astronauts many years of preparation to get to the point of fulfilling such a special task.

We can give easily esteem toward the Hubble team as well as toward all astronauts for their extraordinary talents, perseverance and service for science and humanity.

Which is the best job in the world?

The media is filled with articles about Ben Southall who won a competition called the “best job in the world”.

According to the competition, there is only one “best job in the world”.   The job in question consists of living on the tropical Hamilton Island for six months and writing a daily blog to promote the area.

There are some who might argue with the notion that a south-seas blogging gig is the best job in the world.  If you love what you’re doing and get esteem for your work, then you already have the best job in the world.

As many people as there are with as many talents and interests there is no job in the world which could be called the best in general.   While some people might consider an island a paradise, others might consider it as boring.

The best job in the world is always the one each of us loves to do the most with strong enthusiasm and honest esteem.

Esteem for books and authors

Today is World Book and Copyright Day , paying worldwide tribute – or let’s say giving worldwide esteem – to books and authors.

Being authors ourselves of a children’s book and of screenplays we know how much effort is behind a published work.  The secret of a good book or a good screenplay is to keep the work aspect hidden and to present the joy and fun for readers and movie-goers.

Adults and children love to listen to a good story or to see a good film.  Telling stories in a way that engages is a talent to which we easily give esteem.  For many authors writing means even more than just creating fun.  It’s about creating new thoughts and new ideas.  Books and movies can be life changing.

For this reason and for the joyful moments of reading and watching a movie we ‘d like to give esteem toward authors and their works.  Today is a great day to show our esteem publicly by visiting one of the events of the World Books and Copyright Day or by buying a book or a DVD.


Esteem for young singers

Young people gifted with a singing talent have often a hard time stretching musically.  They need to get a chance to show their talent.  Esteem strengthens them in their decision to move forward into a music career.

American Idol is one of these opportunities for young people to launch themselves into a music career.

The new opera “Language of Birds”, a Santa Fe New Music’s production written by its Artistic Director John Kennedy is another chance for young singers.

15-year-old Kirsten Schofield has dreamed of a career as an opera singer since she was 9.  In the new opera “Language of Birds” she gets the exciting opportunity to stretch herself musically.

Opportunities like this are strong signs of esteem toward young promising talents.  Esteem motivate them to commit to their talent and to develop their abilities to higher levels.


Esteem for photographers

Certain photographs can make a strong impression on the viewer.  They’re a picture out of life, catching a single moment and highlighting a singular atmosphere.

Photographers have a unique talent for capturing feelings and mood in their photographs.

This Audio Slide Show presents impressions of New York City by James Hill.  Let yourself be carried away by these atmospheric photographs and the explanations of James Hill.

Esteem toward artists like James Hill is important for encouraging others to develop their photography talents.

Stop into your local museums or galleries to see some of the photo-artists in your area.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to give esteem toward photographers and their art.