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Esteem for Taos Pueblo Pow Wow

White The Pow Wow Trailhe term Pow Wow comes from the Algonquin nation of the Eastern Woodlands, meaning “a gathering of spiritual leaders.”  Originally, Indian tribes held celebrations to commemorate successful hunts or harvests. Many tribes had ceremonial dances to prepare for war and to celebrate victories. The old tribal War Dance as it was known and is still called today, evolved over the last four or five decades into a contemporary social dance and the pow wow into a social gathering and celebration time.

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Esteem for unsung heroes

Unsung heroes are those exceptional citizens who contribute to the community without asking for credit.  Each year the Taos News celebrates unsung heroes from Taos, NM by announcing the Citizen of the Year.

The newspaper seeks nominations of unheralded Taos citizens who have donated their time and energy over the past year for the betterment of the community.  This public recognition is a great sign of esteem making unsung heroes known heroes.

According to the Taos News this recognition of unsung heroes serves as just a small “thank you” for the years of tireless work and involvement these individuals have given to Taos.  At the same time this publicly given esteem encourages other citizens to make positive contributions as well.