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Say “No” with esteem

Even when we’re living an esteemful life there are still life situations where we have to say “No”. 

Genuine esteem is only possible when we know our own limits.  We need to know ourselves well enough to know how much energy we can put into esteemful actions.

There are moments in life when we have to say “No” and, in the process, disappoint somebody with our answer.  However, when we say “No” with esteem we can expect more understanding for our position. 

We recognize this situation when interacting with children.  When we just say “No” without reasons, we provoke a negative response in return.  On the other hand, when we explain the reasons why we said “No”  we might find understanding and acceptance.

Saying “No” with esteem means that we show esteem toward our limits and this in turn creates esteemful feelings in those who receive it.

How to take care of our self-esteem

You know exactly what to do when you want to lose weight.  You eat healthier and exercise more.

Do you know what to do to raise your self-esteem?

There’s a surprisingly simple idea for how to raise your self-esteem: be conscious of yourself.  In certain life situations you have to ask yourself “how do I experience myself in this situation?” Self-esteem is based on self-knowledge.  The more we understand ourselves the stronger our self-esteem will be.

Taking care of your self-esteem means putting more attention on how we experience ourselves in life situations.  With desire and perseverance the result will be strong self-esteem.

Esteem is more vital than food and shelter

Mother Teresa said:  There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread

There is a philosophical debate about what is more fundamental to human life, satisfying elementary needs such as food and shelter or to receive esteem and love

It may seem obvious that food and shelter need to be satisfied first in order to have the time and energy to deal with our psychic and emotional needs.

Knowing how important esteem is in our life we have to agree with Mother Teresa.  Even when the basics of food, shelter and safety are assured, we still lack something essential in our life when esteem is absent.  In fact when we are deeply esteemed and loved we can go through the hard times more easily.

We change with our self-esteem

Change is the only constant in life.  Knowing this life wisdom we can be accepting and even happy toward each change we undertake in our life.

It’s the subtle changes we make in our life, rather than the big changes that I’m referring to.

What does change mean to you?  Through change we develop understanding of ourselves by going through various life moments.  We learn from our mistakes and we address them as we see fit. 

Our self-esteem has a big influence on how we change.  Our self-esteem shows us what we think about our personality and our activities.  When we undergo a change in our life we change our self-esteem with us.  And also, when we change our self-esteem we change with it our personality- becoming more self-sure and self-confident.

We never should be afraid of change.  They belong to our life.  On the contrary, we should be happy about them and be aware so we can stay on a positive and growing path.

Esteem and inter-generational summer parties

All over the country people enjoy summer parties.  It’s fun to be outside with friends and family members.  Some families like to organize inter-generational summer parties including grandparents, parents and kids.

Inter-generational summer parties can be a great opportunity to enjoy relaxing outdoor event together.   Grandparents can participate in the activities and enthusiasm of the children.  The children can get to know the life experience of their grandparents.  Parents can create a relaxing and fun atmosphere for everybody.

A successful inter-generational summer party needs mutual esteem.  Giving esteem to each other means not needing to be right and not expecting perfection – or in more positive words: giving esteem mutually means being open-minded, understanding and patient.  On this base an inter-generational summer party can be a great moment of joy and commemorated as wonderful event for all participants.


Esteem sees the opportunity in crisis

We often hear the expression that Out of crisis comes opportunity, but in hard times it’s sometimes difficult to find the truth in this saying.

When we’re already integrating esteem into our daily life we can see this truth emerging out of life experiences.   The more we live an esteemful life filled with understanding and patience the more we can go through hard times with a smile on our face.

Giving esteem to other people makes us aware of the preciousness of each moment in life.  We experience daily how a given smile creates a smile back.  Knowing this power of esteem we’re able to see the “opportunity created by crisis”.  Esteem creates esteem – and this creates openness toward new paths and new opportunity.

Esteem for the first ever Navajo comedy duo

Navajo comedians James and Ernie are the first ever Navajo comedy duo.  Their performances leave audiences laughing and feeling better about their world.

According to their website jamesandernie.com they’re poised to break into the national scene after having entertained audiences around the Four Corners area of the Southwest.

Esteem is a positive message of understanding and acknowledgment.  James and Ernie deliver also a positive message through their humor and deserve esteem for that.

Their message of esteem serves as encouragement to others to express their humor and create esteemful moments.

Self-esteem and school bullying

School bullying is a wide-spread phenomenon.  Nearly every child who goes to school has had either a first or second-hand experience with bullying.

Because it’s believed that people with a high self-esteem don’t depend on outer judgments people might mistakenly think that kids who bully possess a high self-esteem.


When we take a closer look at bullies we realize that these students don’t have a high self-esteem at all.  On the contrary, their self-esteem is so low that they have to prove their power over and over again by bullying others.

Kids with high self-esteem don’t need to prove it to themselves and the world over and over again.  They’re just balanced and calm.

The most convincing sign for a high self-esteem is genuine interest in others in a friendly and supportive way.


Esteem for National Geographic Bee winner Eric Yang

Eric Yang, 13, from The Colony, TX is the nation’s top geography whiz of 2009.  Each year the National Geographic Bee in Washington honors one young winning student with a $25,000 scholarship.

Eric’s mother proudly explained her son’s success: “Curiosity is a major part of Eric.  He reads everything from history books to cookbooks to learn about other places and cultures”.

Eric’s curiosity leads him toward esteem for other cultures.  National Geographic gives him esteem for his studiousness by encouraging him to learn more about other cultures.

Knowledge and understanding are the most important basis for worldwide mutual esteem.

Esteem never stops

We connect esteem strongly with understanding, open-mindedness and most of all trust.  These traits motivate esteem to go on without stopping.  Esteem can’t stop by default.  There is no possible reason for esteem to stop ever.  On the contrary, esteem is the one attitude which continues on against all doubt.

Esteem comes from a higher level because it’s based on genuine interest for our fellow men.  Genuine esteem makes us trustful and broad-minded giving others another chance again and again.

Esteem aims at people’s most inner core, the place where we are truly ourselves, where no outer judgment can touch us.  Esteem reaches us exactly there.  Esteem isn’t given because we did something for it.  We get esteem because we deserve it just by being here and now.

Realizing this truth of esteem allows us to see that there will be never a moment that causes esteem to stop.  Esteem never stops.