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Are self-esteem and narcissism the same?

Rethinking NarcissismActually, no. There are huge differences between self-esteem and narcissism.

Self-esteem means realizing the true value of yourself. You can do that by knowing that your are special as special as everybody else. Not two people on the world are the same. Everybody is unique in his personality, in his talents and expressions. Having a healthy self-esteem means to acknowledge this fact. You know your value, your talents, your uniqueness in a very healthy way.

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Esteem of personal diversity

Over 6,650,000,000 people live on our planet earth.  One of these 6.65 billion people is you and another one is me.  Each of us has his own history, his own past, his own experiences.

Even if we had participated in the same event we’d have different memories of it.  Even if we had learned together the same school lessons we’d have different knowledge about it.  Each of us has his own psychic and physical pattern with our own likes and dislikes and with our matchless talents.

Each of us is a unique, inimitable personality.  And this is what esteem is about: giving each of us esteem just for being in our own kind unique.