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Self-esteem means self-responsibility

Dyer Change your thoughts self-responsibilityBlaming others for low self-esteem is like handing over control of ourselves.

Adult human beings are autonomic, independent and ultimately self-responsible.  Nobody else is living our life.

As it’s taken for granted that we accept our responsibility when we encounter success and happiness we should do the same when we encounter frustration or misfortune.

Our self-esteem is influenced by our response to both success and misfortune.  Only this – our answer – is to blame for low self-esteem.

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Esteem for Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Wayne Dyer I can see clearly nowDr. Wayne W. Dyer was for 4 decades a teacher of self-empowerment whose voice inspired countless people to wake up and see that their lives have a purpose.

Each step of our journey has something to teach us. These were Dr. Wayne W. Dyers own words and teachings. He wrote more than 40 books, each of them a best-seller. But there is only one book that he wrote as memoir.

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Wayne W. Dyer on Savoir vivre

Wayne Dyer Pulling your own StringsSavoir vivre is a French expression which means being casual in dealing with other people and with life situations.

We can choose to live savoir vivre each day.  We can be querulous and make other people unhappy.  Or we can be friendly and make others smile because they feel accepted.

Making other people happy is a sign that we use esteem as basis of our savoir vivre.

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